Oct. 15th WT - Who Should be your Friend to Associate & Recreate With ?

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  • flipper

    With many of us here on JWN in a fading state trying to stay halfway connected to JW relatives - I thought it would be informative and helpful to know what the WT society is telling Jehovah's Witnesses about WHO or WHO should not be their close friends. So if you experience even more shunning than normal - this article may be influencing some JW's to do this. You won't find any new information here- but the wT society is definitely trying to control wHO Witnesses hang out with.

    In the article " Is Your Recreation Beneficial " ? it states on pg.12 , paragraph 14 about Jesus attitude towards people. It states, " While on earth , he ( Jesus ) showed loving consideration for all kinds of people. However, Jesus drew a line between being friendly and being a close friend. While he was friendly toward people in general, he was a close friend only to those who met SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS. The only individuals whom Jesus embraced as friends were those who followed him and served Jehovah. " Translation : If a person doesn't serve Jehovah or the WT society , he or she is not a friend.

    It continues in paragraph 15, " Hence, when you consider whether you should choose a certain individual as a close friend or NOT, it would be wise to keep Jesus' statement in mind. Ask yourself such questions as : ' Does this individual demonstrate in words and deeds that he is obeying the commands of Jehovah and Jesus ? Does he or she have the same Bible-based values and morals that I have ? Will being in his company encourage me to put the Kingdom first in my life and to be a loyal servant of Jehovah ? ' If you are sure that the answers to those questions are yes, you have found a good companion with whom to enjoy your leisure activities. " Translation : If a person isn't attending meetings, going out in service, studying his or her Watchtower they probably do not have good morals and values and will stumble you as a JW if you hang around them enjoying leisure activities.

    Towards the end of the article it states, " And concerning COMPANY, we need to determine: ' With whom will I share in entertainment ? Are such companions good or BAD ? ' It continues, " So, then, when it comes to recreation, let us strive to do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time and with the RIGHT people. " Sigh. Translation : If you hang out with inactive or apostate people who don't share our views those companions are BAD ! The only RIGHT companions are JW's who actively are involved in side the congregation.

    So- I just wanted to give a heads up to those of you who have JW relatives. if they seem to be getting aloof, it may come from being exposed to the " thought police " articles like this one. Have any of you noticed JW relatives shunning you more and becoming more reclusive from your prescence ? As always I welcome any and all thoughts here. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sd-7

    In saying all of that, they still manage to avoid specifically saying, "Only active, loyal, zealous Jehovah's Witnesses should be your friends." Which is what they mean. If you took this literally, you would have no friends at all. Besides, you'd be too busy out in the ministry to care!


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    First thing I think of when reading these sort of articles is how it illustrates just how flimsy of a belief system there is in this religion, in a few ways. One, the WT has very little faith in JWs as they're overly concerned with JWs being influenced by nonJWs. Two, maybe its possible that the WT's concern is right. Maybe JWs really do have a flimsy form of faith that will fold when push comes to shove in the form of entertainment, and exposure to people with differing beliefs. Maybe the WT is concerned that JWs exposed to the beliefs of other denominations will cause them to ask the WT uncomfortable questions. By the way, I'm not the type that throws the word, cult, out there regarding this religion, but this article makes it difficult to brush off the possibility of it being a cult. Only cults maintain such a rigid social setting, its depressing how much they attempt to choke one's life.

  • TotallyADD

    Hi flipper. And the beat goes on with the WT cult. This is nothing new with them. Inactive ones were always considered evil and apostates they are the devil in the flesh. When it comes to scare tactics they are best out there. When it comes to showing love and compassion they are deaf, dumb and blind. My dogs show more concern and love than the WT cult does. The victims of the WT cult are being put under more pressure. Totally ADD

  • flipper

    SD-7 - I found it interesting as well that they didn't actually say " only associate with JW' s " - yet they beat around the bush close enough to put forth the same thought.

    NO ROOM FOR GEORGE- I agree with you. I do think the WT society has very little trust in it's JW members - thus they continue treating them like they are 2 yr.old children. But they do have a flimsy kind of faith. It's everchanging with whatever alleged " new light " comes streaming through. I agree also that the WT society is VERY concerned about getting asked " uncomfortable questions " which they would prefer would just go away. I think that's why the recent question from readers stated what it did about " not questioning " things too much and to just drop any extensive questions JW's have. WT society reps just don't want to be bothered with it. They are running scared and nervous trying to control these people.

    TOTALLY ADD- Exactly, I agree. How are you doing ? My dogs show me more love than any JW ever did too ! LOL ! But it's true, apostates and inactive JW's are just viewed as pond scum and I'm quite sure Jesus teated non-believers with a lot more respect and dignity than aNY JW's treat non-believers today. Peace out, Mr. flipper

  • watson

    Sounds like they are helping our fade along. The less we associate, the less splainin' we have to do. Thank you GB.

  • oompa

    flipper....i think we should be allowed to Procreate with anyone we want to imo...............oompa

    i mean when they start telling you who and how you can Procreate with....i have a problem with that

  • cyberguy

    Thanks, Flipper, for alerting us of the latest poison from the witchtower. Of course they have to emphasize this to control, control, and control! What else can they do? They're loosing members left and right! So they try to make you feel guilty for associating with family or “friends” that are not “meeting all the specific requirements!” (What the heck does that mean?)

    Was Jesus “friendly” with most, but "only" associated with “true” friends who “met all the requirements?” Oh please! So he ate with the “sinners,” which included tax collectors and other undesirables of his day (including prostitutes), and what are we to conclude about this? He would be the very one that no JW could ever associate with, if he were alive today on earth!

    These jerks in Brooklyn are beyond reform and redemption. If there is a future judgment, the way I see it, they’re standing in the front of the line, right behind the pedophile priests of the Catholic Church!


  • OnTheWayOut

    I don't have time to read the WT crap you posted. My friends are Flipper, JRK, IsaacAustin, Oompa, LWT, oh the list is endless.
    Recreate with whoever you want to. Procreate at your own risk.

    I will not worry about my mother changing because of some stupid article. I have done all I can.

  • agonus

    "Jesus drew a line between being friendly and being a close friend. While he was friendly toward people in general, he was a close friend only to those who met SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS"

    Cyberguy, you hit the nail on the head. What the hell Scripture(s) do they even BASE this crap on?!

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