What,s the organization stand on Debutante( young ladies introduce to Society).

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  • jam

    I recently viewed the Debutante event of my greatniece.

    A beautiful ceremony, of course she was not A JW.

    My grand daughters (JWs), I think about what would

    be wrong if they participated in such A event. Your

    introduction to society.

  • Bella15

    In Latin America you cannot do that, like Quinceaneras or Debutants, because it means that you are offering the young ladies to the public like "ready to have sex" or something like that ...

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    What are you talking about? What is a debunante?

  • jam

    Bella 15; are you serious. People minds in the gutter.

  • jam

    No room; It,s A event for young ladies who excel in

    high school. It,s A formal event where the parents

    formally present their daughter to society. There

    was 30 young ladies and none with A grade point

    average lower then 3.3.. They receive grants from

    various organization for their excellence.

  • Bella15

    @Jam. No kidding.

  • sd-7

    Are these ceremonies proper? Christian parents should consider the following:

    Will this ceremony bring too much glory and honor to my child, rather than Jehovah God?

    Will this event bring unnecessary romantic or sexual attention towards my daughter?

    Has my daughter presented herself as chaste before Jehovah, first and foremost? Has she dedicated herself to Him and symbolized it by water baptism?

    Will this ceremony indicate a desire for prominence in this ungodly system of things soon to pass away? (1 John 2:15-17)

    Will unrestrained revelry or idolatrous practices mar the occasion?

    No doubt when Christian parents examine these "debutante" celebrations, they will clearly see that Jehovah does not approve of them and will conduct themselves in harmony with his requirements.

    --Settles it for me! Not a real article, but I'm sure it's what they'd say.


  • jam

    sd-7, you are probably right. Wow, you wrote articles

    for the WT. Dead on in what they would say.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Debutante is being introduced into Society as in the Social Registrar. Basically, it signals that your daughter is now open for official dating and marriage. The ceremony probably dates from when noble families sent their daughters to court to get married. They were to serve the Queen as an honor but marriage was the real deal. I've seen copies of the Social Registrar. It is a privately published directory. A friend called the company to find out how they vet people. It is all hush-hush.

    Tricia and Julie Nixon were debutantes. Only a handful of groups are true debutantes. You acquired some adult jewelry. Princess Diana was certainly a noble debutante before her marriage. There is a definite season of parties that parents host. It almost completely disappeared during the 1960s but there seems to be a resurgence. Grace Kelley was a proper debutante. JFK's sisters were all debutante.

    Old money likes to intermarry with old money. Peers will not marry you only for your money. Many English nobles advertised for American debutantes with large dowries during a rough economic period. Ads were placed. It was a commercial. Many Americans parted with fortunes to have their daughters become English nobility through marriage and breeding. When I was a girl, it sounded so romantic, just like Cinderella. Most of these marriages were unfortunate.

  • jam

    thanks band on the run for that info. It was A special day

    for my great niece.

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