QFR: "Warning - memorial partakers might be loonies!"

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  • williamhconley

    The May 1st 2007 QFR Watchtower is responsable for the sharp increase in Partakers.

    That article lifted the due date of 1935 for the anointed. No more 1935 limit to be of the anointed. That same article even stated that some of the anointed in the first century were not spiritually strong or serving as elders or servants.

    When I read that I knew the number would increase significantly. It's interesting that they stated later on that it's a personal matter & no one should judge those who partake. However, with that article the GB is doing exactly that...judging them and even suggesting that they are mentally unstable.

    Some partkers have realized that in reality they are not part of "the faithful & discreet slave" as they are never consulted on any issue. The OD and a study article several years ago put those partakers in line by letting them know who really is in charge ...the Governing Body of 7 members and that they do not need to consult with anyone else not even "fellow anointed".

  • cedars

    williamhconley - thanks for highlighting that point. Wow, is it only 7 members now for sure?

    So to clarify the organisational structure:

    Jehovah God

    | |

    | |

    Jesus Christ

    | |

    | |

    The Faithful & Discreet Slave (11,202* believe that they are in this group although some might be crazy)

    | |

    [_____________ (impenetrable barrier) _____________]

    | |

    The Governing Body (7 members, not in touch with remaining 11,195 FDS)

    | |

    The rest of us.

  • cedars

    *figures above are for 2010, subject to further increase!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Of course they know how many partake, ie; claim to be annointed. They keep records of everything.

    The denial was merely to reduce the risk of awkward questions for them. When i was growing up jw we all were excited at the release of each yearbook, not because of the stories, but rather at the ever reducing number of partakers.

    It was an unofficial countdown towards armageddon of sorts.

    So when they saw that they were going to have to engineer a steady distancing from the generation of 1914 they had to include changes on the partaker front also.

    The increase of partakers post 2007 suits their purposes grandly, and i am sure they anticipated it.


  • punkofnice

    What OUTLAW said ^^^

    My view on the statement =

    mental or emotional imbalance - might cause some to assume mistakenly that they have the heavenly calling.

    The GB are anointed, no? Take one to know one!

  • AGuest
    AGuest - not that you listen to a word I say and think about it, but for what it's worth:

    I truly did, dear cedars (again, peace to you!), which is why I apologized. I truly did not think expounding and expanding on the topic would be offensive to anyone. Since it's your thread, though, I owed you an apology, which I gave, along with an attempt at explaining myself...

    Nope, my zeal is to expose flawed teaching, your zeal is to replace it with your ideas.

    I wasn't trying to "replace" anything, truly, dear one, but, again, only to expound and expand... which happens on this forum quite often (which is why I didn't think there'd be a problem - I was wrong, obviously, and so, again, apologize)...

    My eyes aren't deceiving me at all any longer, and I take exception to your claim that they are.

    I'm sorry that you take exception, but must disagree with you here and will show why in a sec...

    I'm not exposing their teachings with more false teachings, because I'm not trying to teach anyone anything!

    But surely, dear one, you realize that YOU weren't the only one COMMENTING, yes? Which is why I ADDRESSED to my comment to whom I did. I get it that you started the thread, but in doing so you invited comment. Some of those comments make statements/ask questions that further perpetuate WTBTS false teachings. It's like we're to reject SOME of what the WTBTS teaches on the matter, but others parts are still viewed as accurate... although they aren't. Just thought to clarify, is all...

    You're the one who's trying to do that. I'm just clearly demonstrating how the society's "logic" works against itself, and is self-condemnatory!

    Yes, and NO ONE disputed that! If you sought to limit comments/responses, however, you only needed to state that from the start.

    Sheesh, it's like talking to a brick wall.

    Or, perhaps, listening like one. Again, I heard and listened to YOU. I just expanded the topic which I didn't realize was a crime here...

    Also, if your arguments make so much sense, please can you make them a little more succinctly?

    Oh, sorry, about that, truly. One of my flaws (out of a many) is that I am verbose. I've tried many times to work on that, but just can't seem to get it "all" out in less words than I do. Others here are more gifted in that way than I am.

    Not that you should need to propound any truths or correct the society's teachings (or apparently my own "false teachings") here because the purpose of this thread is to show how the doctrine is flawed, not necessarily replace it with fresh doctrine.

    Yes, I understand that you have a problem with that. Again, though, others commented (and read without commenting) and perhaps they don't/didn't have a problem.

    Everyone can do that for themselves, in the same way that evidently you did.

    Apparently, not. Otherwise, they would have responded with more TRUTH... and not more false teachings and misunderstandings.

    May the force be with you my brother... lots of nice fluffy things.... keep the faith and all that....

    Now, this is where I get to discuss how your eyes are deceiving you... or perhaps the "brick wall" that prevents YOU from hearing ME: I am a SHE. A "sister". I indicated that above... but apparently your eyes didn't get that.

    Again, peace to you, dear cedars... and, lighten up. I think that by this interchange between you and I, YOU have detracted more from your primary topic than I ever did. Many know me and so would choose to not even read what I posted. You, though, have brought much attention to it, more than I even anticipated, I'm sure. My comments were not an affront or attack on YOU... but only an attempt to clarify and point out how "we" THINK we've moved past WTBTS, but in truth may actually be further perpetuating some of it. That's it, that's all. Absolutely NO offense intended and since I've apologized several times, I'm going to have to say that the issues are now yours.

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,

    SA, a "her"...

  • cedars

    Thanks AGuest, I accept your apology. I don't really appreciate having every single word I type disseminated into miles of quote boxes, so I think I'll leave it there.

    Lot's of cuddles, fairies and bright spongey loveliness to you...

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