Stephen Lett: "Pray for us to be faithful and discreet!"

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  • cedars

    Out of interest, I have just been scanning through the four latest available Watchtower study articles (July thru October 2011) and in doing so I am reading them objectively for the first time. I have been shocked, outraged and amazed by some of my findings.

    As one example, take the article "A History-Making Meeting" from the August 15th Watchtower, 2011. The article, beginning on page 18, discusses the 126th annual meeting of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and begins with a summary of the opening talk by Governing Body member Stephen Lett. It concludes the highlights of his talk in this way:

    "Brother Lett urged the audience to keep praying that the Governing Body, as the representative of the slave class, continue to be not only faithful but also wise, or discreet.-Matt. 24:45-47."

    In what way is it down to us (as the 'rank and file') to pray for the Governing Body, as representatives of the slave class, to be faithful and discreet? Did Jesus ask his followers to pray for him to be the Messiah? Did the apostles ask the congregations to pray for them to be apostles? Surely the Governing Body is either faithful and discreet, or it isn't - and no amount of praying on our part should make a difference.

    This bizarre request also poses another question. If the faithfulness and discretion of the Governing Body is now a matter for prayer, does this constitute an admission on their part that they may potentially lose these attributes, and what would be the outcome were this to happen??

    Anyone else on my wavelength?

  • blondie

    Yes, he should have prayed that they START being faithful and discreet, not CONTINUE.

  • Gayle

    Usually, if people ask others to pray for them, then usually the people see themselves as needing a lot of help. There just seems to be many expressions in the WT and talks showing anxiety, fear, much pressure, insecurity on the part of the GB. They have brought it on themselves.

  • cedars

    Thanks gayle and blondie. I just wish people could analyse what they are saying and put the pieces of the jigsaw together. Surely the fact that they could even ask for help in BEING the faithful and discreet slave reveals to the open-minded that it isn't a foregone conclusion that they are.

  • Quendi

    I would have to say, cedars, that the reason you, gayle, blondie, and the rest of us can see the fallacies and difficulties inherent in Lett's request is that we are now out of the box, so to speak. So we can penetrate the faςade the organization has erected and know the whole arrangement lacks any substance that would support its claims to being God's "exclusive channel" for imparting spiritual truths to humanity. Think back to the years we were an integral part of this organization. How many times did we hear statements like Lett's and pass it off as simple expressions of humility and not confessions of anxiety and inadequacy? The difference now is all in our perspective and the power of reason we have now recovered and are exercising.


  • cedars

    Hi Quendi - thanks, I agree that you don't see these things as an obedient publisher until you gain the ability to read the publications objectively - that's why my little project to review the last few Watchtower study editions has been such an eye-opener!

    By the way, I will be in touch with you again shortly!

  • AwareBeing

    "The ascendant beings, the Ori need your [prayers].

    The more humans they can get to worship them,

    the more power they receive!" - StarGate -1

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Hmm, that's easy.

    They will hide behind the "imperfect" weasel clause.. sleek bastards..

  • flipper

    CEDARS- Stephen Lett is a day late and a dollar short. It's way too late for them to pray about being " faithful & discreet " . That ship sailed out of the port years ago . Those cows are long since out of the barn

  • Silent_Scream

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