25 idiots blaming gay marriage for Irene Hurricane...LOL

by Botzwana 9 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Botzwana
  • poppers

    What's to discuss? As you said in your thread title, they're idiots.

  • dm6

    just wait for armageddon, that will be shemales being marrieds....fault.

  • irondork

    Of the 20 deaths in 8 states CNN is associating with Irene, I am curious how many of them were gay. It'll be interesting to see news reports of those ones being laid to rest by their husbands and wives of the opposite sex.

  • blondie

    What is that group that demonstrates at military funerals saying that those soldiers died because the world in general approves of homosexuality, Westboro Baptist Church (soldiers were not gay).

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Hmmmm... The Weather Channel never mentioned that...

  • irondork

    So God is killing straight people for being accepting of gay people? Wouldn't it make more sense to just kill off all us homos?

    On behalf of myself, Timmy, Quendi, Shamus and others... we are sorry for all the east coast trouble we've caused lately. Please don't take it personally.

  • JRK

    The grammar is almost worse than the viewpoints.


  • OnTheWayOut

    Well, I am positive that gay marriage had nothing to do with Hurricane Irene. It didn't kill any gay couples in NY as far as is reported.

    Now, if 24 idiots will join me, we will have 25 idiots to counter-balance these homophobes.

  • WTWizard

    I will add Katrina, which did more damage to New Orleans than Irene did to New York City. Was gay marriage legal in New Orleans in 2005?

    What about the earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, Christchurch, and Japan? They did more damage than Irene. Since when was gay marriage legal there at the time said earthquakes hit?

    Did they have gay marriage in Joplin when the tornado destroyed most of that town?

    What about the 2004 tsunami in the Indian ocean? How many of the countries that suffered major damage and deaths in 6 figures had gay marriage?

    Did New York have gay marriage in 1938? The hurricane that hit there was worse than Irene.

    Did Florida have gay marriage in 1992? That was when Andrew destroyed parts of south Florida and threatened Miami.

    What about Mississippi in 1969, when Camille destroyed parts of it? Camille was a category 5 at landfall.

    What about Cancun in 1988? Was there gay marriage there in 1988 when Gilbert slammed into it as a category 5 storm?

    Or, hurricane Mitch in 1998? I don't think the areas affected by that category 5 storm had gay marriage at that time.

    Or, San Francisco in 1906, when they had a whopper of an earthquake. Neither did Las Angeles have gay marriage at that time.

    Nor was gay marriage in place in the Phillipines when a volcano erupted there in 1991.

    What about the blizzard that paralyzed the east coast in March 1993? How many hard-hit communities had gay marriage in place when that storm hit? People were blacked out, and there were plenty of severe thunderstorms in the warm sector of that storm.

    Was gay marriage legal in Quebec in 1998 when they were hit with a super whopper of an ice storm? That blacked out the whole region, and then it got bitter cold. Gay marriage was not legal in Canada for a few more years--yet, they didn't get an even worse storm soon after.

    And I wonder how many other earthquakes, paralyzing blizzards and ice storms, tornado outbreaks, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, and wildfires have hit areas where there was no gay marriage at the time of the incident. Yet, someone is going to blame gay marriage for a relatively minor disaster (more of a nuisance, mainly trees and power lines down, than a disaster with major structural damage).

    As for whether gay marriage is right or wrong is up for debate. However, I will not blame gay marriage for what could be classified as a wimpy disaster--if I was God and pxxxed at gay marriage, I don't think I would be using a wimpy category 1 hurricane. I would rather use a category 5--or a major thunderstorm outbreak at the time it passed and a warning that, unless it was revoked, a category 5 storm would hit New York City and travel up to Albany, still a category 5 hurricane. Did anyone hear of such warnings? I don't think so.

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