2011 Annual meeting information needed!

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  • dozy

    Interesting , especially about Gilead. I've often wondered about the high return percentage of Gilead graduates. It always amazed me just how many ex-missionaries there were around , happily (or unhappily) back in their native country , some seemingly back before the postcards. There always seemed to be some vague rumour about the wife having some tropical disease or some old ill aunt that needed cared for ( family obligations , you understand ). So I guess it makes sense to scrap the school & try something else. Knorr will be turning in his grave / rejoicing in heaven / burning in Hades (delete as appropriate.)

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    So I guess it makes sense to scrap crap the school.

    dozy, I like the way this reads better.

    And while their at it, they can crap the Watchtower Study Edition.

  • jah1914

    @Doubting Bro - No they did not mention anything about what will happen to existing missionaries. I am speculating, but perhaps they will give them the opportunity to relocate or go it on their own. I suspect that many of the Gilead people that stay in their assignment do it because they really have grown to love the people there, even if all of us may doubt the importance or relevance of what they preach. They would probably try to find a way to stay, even if it meant caring for themselves monentarily.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Do missionaries get an allowance?

  • obarac

    Anyone has some notes from annual meeting?

  • Desilusionnee

    anything new about the annual meeting?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The annual meeting must have been one of those blah! blah! blah! events. You know, nothing worth taking notes for!

  • metatron

    I don't have up to date info on Gilead but the history of this missionary school has been disgraceful - or would be, if the Watchtower Society had any sense of shame.

    At one time, Gilead grads lasted maybe a couple of years. They commonly contracted severe illnesses that wiped them out for months and sometimes, for many years afterwards. They gave them little or no instruction in whatever God awful language they were supposed to be fluent in and tyrants like Knorr treated them like untermenschen, to be blindly obedient, regardless.

    It was only thru harsh necessity that the stiff-necked Theocrats allowed them to swear allegiance to the US Constitution (while condemning the flag salute) and allow married sisters to wear wedding rings (once thought pagan/worldly) because of all the trouble that can result in 3rd world countries if they don't.

    Often, the Branch Office/home didn't even bother to send out a car to pick up new missionaries, as admitted by the late Jack Redford in a Gilead Graduation talk. I think they should have shut Gilead down years ago when they sold the original school building to NY state to become a juvenile prison. For years thereafter, you could read "Gilead" in the stone above the secured facility entrance, a fact that bugged Ray Franz, when he sincerely cared about 'Theocratic" history, unlike the rest of the elderly fantasists he had to work with.

    I think they kept this cheap joke of a missionary program going just out of half-hearted lip service to the idea of sending out missionaries.


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