Service Leeches

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  • LongHairGal

    MAN IN BLACK: Your experience is not unique as most congregations have some users. You just had to learn to say 'No' politely. In your case it is a young girl. How about when the users are considerably older? There was nothing more abhorrent than a seasoned user that was a congregation hopper. Users have to keep moving once people get wise!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    and on the other hand.... As a pioneer we had quite a few that thought we could help them with everything cuz we didn't work full time so we had time?

    there are a lot of leeches as jw's!!


  • Sulla

    Well, there's no reason to be rude to other folks by having them drive you all over town. That said, the stories about guys who never actually went in service or who always set the group up and then split for an hour or two sorta make me happy. The whole exercise is a pointless waste of time, so spending some quality time with a doughnut and coffee seems to be an act of sanity.

    Pioneer brother in my hall used to set everybody up in the territory, hit a couple doors, then go check up on the people on the other side of the neighborhood. At the time I thought, "Lazy bastard." Now I think, "Clever boy."

  • TimeBandit

    I say, the more time spent running errands and taking care of banking and such was LESS time spent on accosting people with dangerous cult conversion techniques....I think it was time well spent.

  • rebel8

    I once spent a day out in fs with pioneers from another congregation whose territory was spread out over a very large geographic area.

    They deliberately planned their return visit schedule so they could maximize their time. They had 2 RVs near each other and one not, so they did the one far away in between so their time driving back and forth would be counted.

    Amazing what people will do for social status (to keep the pioneer title).

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