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  • AndersonsInfo

    I have been studying with JW's. They seem to have a lot of truth but I have come across a lot of conflicting information about them. I want the best for my family and I and want to get closer to God.

    Any advice?

  • tenyearsafter

    Dear Interested One,

    If you have been studying with Jehovah's Witnesses, you should make sure that you are doing complete research on their beliefs and practices. Unfortunately, this type of research cannot be done by solely consulting the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is important that you research their beliefs, particularly as it pertains to disfellowshipping (shunning), blood policy, absolute obedience to the Organization and its most current teachings and participation in holidays and patriotic events. Once you have done this additional research, ask your study conductor about the answers you find through your independent study. I believe you will be surprised at the answers (or non-answers) you will receive. Ultimately, you have to make a personal decision...just make sure you completely understand what a commitment to Jehovah's Witnesses will mean for you and your family.

    Best Wishes,

  • dm6

    As many ex Jws here will back me up on this one, and take it from people who have been there done that got the tshirt for many many many many many years of their lives, Crisis of Conscience is a book to read! By raymond franz, a former governing body member of the WT$.

    To begin with, you will be love bombed by these people into making you beileve it really is so called 'truth'

    Dont waste your life, you will be indoctrinated, brainwashed and a bible study (which they call it) is NOT a bible study at all.

    They use a book called what does the bible really teach. And any answer you give to a question if it is not in line with their teachings, they will tell you it is the wrong answer and correct you to what they beileve.

    When you answer questions from this book with them and you answer them in line with their teachings from the book, they will tell you it is correct.

    It is an indoctrination process, NOT a bible study.

    Also, their bible which they cliam is the most accurate translation of the holy scriptures, is in fact FAR from it.

    They have tampered with the bible to suit their own teachings.

    Do not be misled!

    Read 2ndJohn 1:7.

  • nugget

    You obviously care about your family and also you are seeking spiritual meaning in your life. The question is whether these things will be enhanced by studying with the witnesses or not. You are right to look into these matters since the choice of religion can have a long lasting affect on family life.

    I would say that before you make any firm commitment to this organisation you look into it very carefully. Part of their doctrine is to shun family members who choose to leave since this demonstrates loyalty to god and the organisation. This is a huge sacrifice members are expected to make. Is this something you would find acceptable given the importance you place on family? The organisation demands other sacrifices of it's members such as not participating in higher education, pursuing careers or having relationships with non witnesses. They stress these sacrifices are necessary but many have lived their whole lives doing what was expected, waiting for the promises made to them to be fulfilled and died wihout them being realised.

    There are many ways of getting closer to God may I suggest you explore other options available to you and look into other christian denominations. The conflicting information you have found exists because there is a difference to what is preached today and what was preached by witnesses in the past. There is also conflict between what witnesses are told about their history, policies and doctrines and what is the reality. Witnesses are often unaware of these issues and are unwilling to explore them. Truth is constant and will not become a lie because you look into it taking time now to verify their claims will be of lasting benefit to you.

    I wish you an your family a happy and fulfilled life.


    They seem to have a lot of truth..

    About What?..

    You need to stop studying "with" JW`s..And..

    Start Studying "about" JW`s..

    You`ll save yourself and your family a lot of Grief..


  • Scully

    Please research the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses from as many sources as you can possibly find, before committing to becoming one of Jehovah's Witnesses, including www.jehovahs-witness.net .

    They will tell you that it is important to critically examine your current belief system, and if it doesn't meet with their criteria of being "the true religion" or "approved by God" that you should reject it, regardless of any good that it does in the community, or regardless of how it will impact your immediate and extended family. However when the same level of scrutiny is applied to the Jehovah's Witness belief system, they become extremely defensive and start cautioning the learner about avoiding "apostates". Should you continue to critically examine the Witnesses' beliefs independently, or start questioning some beliefs or practices, they will not be able to tolerate the critique and will eventually discontinue discussions with you.

  • Ding

    Read through the New Testament books of Romans and Galatians.

    Write down what you understand to be the main message of those books.

    Then contrast it with the message of the Watchtower, which is totally dependent on works, especially door to door preaching, and obedience to the rules of the Watchtower organization.

    If you see a difference between the apostle Paul's message and the "good news" of the Watchtower, tell the JWs "thanks but no thanks."

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    It is an admirable thing to want the best for your family, get closer to god, and to seek truth. Jehovah's Witnesses message can be appealing since it appears to provide all the answers that one would want. However, if you've been studying with the witnesses, the only questions you should be prepared to ask are the ones printed on the bottom of the pages of their publications.

    You mention that you have come across a lot of conflicting information about them. Certainly if you were to only look at current Watchtower publications, you would get one attractive message about Jehovah's Witnesses. Similarly, if you were to look at the glossy brochures of any auto maker, you would get the understanding that their products were the very best on the market. However, conflicting information will appear if you were to examine Consumer Reports or any other objective publication that will evalute the performance, quality, and safety of the vehicle. Indeed, outside sources can give valuable insight into the realities that the vehicle owner will face. And if we were purchasing a vehicle, we would want to be very selective and critical in evaluating outside sources before we put our children inside. Certainly if we are going to examine more than the glossy sales brochures for purchasing a car, we would want to carefully examine the facts behind our choice of religion. When examining information outside of Watchtower publications, you will not necessarily get the same appealing message about Jehovah's Witnesses. You need to do your homework now, before you start loading your children into this organization.

    Another source of conflicting information is their own publications. You have probably been studying their publication What Does the Bible Really Teach? They use this as your primary guide to scriptural truth. However, they routinely replace their publications, because they need to change their teachings. If you were to consider their older publications, such as Truth that Leads to Eternal Life, you would still read about a paradise earth, however, they explain that the Bible teaches that it would arrive within 80 years of 1914. Infact, they frequently stated that Armageddon would occur in the 1970s. Since that never happened, they needed to replace that publication, and the one that followed that, and the one that followed that. And if you were to examine their promised about "the generation," you would find that they have frequently and directly contradicted themselves. So if you choose to accept "truth" as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses, you will find that such "truths" will change with less than a Watchtower paragraph of explanation.

  • bioflex

    Word of advice.

    You only acknowledge that they have the truth because you have accepted what say as being truthful, but believe me they aren't. i have realised that one way they use this:

    when you start learning with them, dont leave and questions to be anwered later, most of the time they tell you to relax and wait till you get to that topic, NO , dont agree. by the time u get there they would have already convinced u.

    again i would recommend a KJV bible or most other publications but not theirs.

    Read the scriptures oftenly and by yourself, and pray the God for enlightenment, do research and comparisms on Bible texts to make sure the all agree and in context.

    just let me know about any topic you would like to discuss and lets learn from Gods word, not some WT publication.

  • AGuest

    They seem to have a lot of truth

    Dear Inquirer... peace to you! The operative word here is "seems". There are many who have a FORM of godly devotion... but prove false to its power. Jehovah's Witnesses are among these.

    but I have come across a lot of conflicting information about them.

    Please, lthen, LISTEN to your "gut" regarding the conflicting information - it exists for a reason (you've heard the term, "Where there's smoke, there's fire"??).

    I want the best for my family

    Of course, you do, and that's commendable. In that light, then, you absolutely must not settle, but seriously look into what you're considering embarking upon.

    and I and want to get closer to God.

    Oh, well, the TRUTH is that Jehovah's Witnesses absolutely CANNOT help you with that, regardless of what they SAY. For one, they don't know God. Second, you cannot go through them to get closer to God. The ONLY "way" for you to do that... is to go through Christ, and him alone. If you doubt that, then perhaps reading what Christ is recorded to have said at John 14:6 will help you "see." Per his words, NO ONE comes to the Father... EXCEPT through him (Christ). Now, I know that the JWs will tell you that THEY are "the Truth," but that same verse will show that that is LIE - Christ... is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. NOT the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society... and/or its Governing Body, affiliate corporations, branches, or congregations.

    So, if you want to get close to God, all you need do is listen to and obey the words of Christ, who is recorded to have said:

    "Come to ME, all you who are thirsting." John 7:37, 38

    Because he is the ONLY One who can give you true food (his flesh)... true drink (his blood)... and the "water" of life (holy spirit). John 6:48-58; Revelation 22:17

    Truly, there is no one else... and no religion... that can do this. All those who come in PLACE of him, therefore... are thieves... and plunderers (John 10:1-8).

    May you have ears to hear and get the sense of these truths, so as to save yourself AND your household from those who "shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men." Because UNLESS you eat the flesh of the Son of Man... and drink his blood... you have NO life in yourself. John 6:51-53

    Again, I bid you peace!

    A slave of Christ,


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