I finally understand why my very intelligent, logical, incredibly well read dad/elder is incapable of the ability to reason on jw teachings he receives on the wi-fi144k/2b link

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  • Ding

    Once a person gets convinced that God's purpose for his life is to be loyal to the WTS no matter what, it becomes nearly impossible to ask the necessary questions or do the necessary investigation to discover the truth about "the truth."

    Any questioning of the organization is seen as satanic.

    In fact, the more convincing the evidence against the Society, the more the JW thinks it's Satan's cleverness he's up against and the deeper he digs in.

    He shuts his eyes and plugs his ears and presses on all the harder.

    For such ones, allowing themselves to question "the truth" would be like a trusting child seriously entertaining the possibility that his loving parents are really contract killers for the local mob.

  • thetrueone

    But they keep the JW's in subjection through FEAR and GUILT faking them out.

    Good point by Flipper

    The fear induced situation of life and death is constantly instilled by the WTS. to hold their inherent followers and to stimulate literature proliferation.

    You could say fear controls the intellect of most JWS, its the catalyst that binds and controls their thinking patterns .

    Inside the WT organization you are safe and made clean and protected from Satan's influence, outside you are at his perilous advantage and could be taken by him.

    This insinuation of protection carries itself and actually creates an imposed identity of JW followers as they are something quite unique in the world.

    Another reason JWS tend to block out any contravening self scrutiny.

  • Pika_Chu

    @Oompa: Tell me about it...I know where you're coming from, Oompa.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Yes, JW reasoning consists of assuming WTS is right. When in doubt, they look things up in WT literature.

  • oompa

    thanks guys...and yes this is a bump and i may have never done one before....but damm how could i be so slow about grasping this simple fact?...i mean wtf why have i tried to reason/argue with them and with some it wound up always argue

    and i may bump forever the one about my son telling me he has left at least mentally on aug 29!!!.....whew....oompa

  • OnTheWayOut

    August is quite a Freedom from Watchtower month. Maybe we can adopt that as a theme for August.

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