Looks Like The WT Are Out Of Willing Men To Make MS&Elders !

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    Young Man's Theocratic Career- Manning the Literature Counter

  • NewChapter

    We can ask to speak with the man of the house when possible.

    Oh yeah, I can see this flying just fine on a doorstep in 2011! desperate, desperate.


  • Sapphy

    We can ask to speak with the man of the house when possible.

    Oh my, if someone came to my house asking to see the man of the house I'd shut the door & not come back, or reappear with the dog. He's the only male in the house!

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    Well, actually Baltar447,

    funny you should mention the women... there's new light afoot about this and guess who's getting to be priviledged to take on more responsibilities? You guessed it... the sisters.

    This is interesting, because many other churches have begun to wise up and leave behind the silly, antiquated mindset that once believed that women should be “second fiddle” in the congregations.

    A major problem that any religion who believes in Biblical inerrancy, is the Pauline letters that stipulate how women are not to speak to the congregation or be teachers (whether Paul actually wrote these letters is highly suspect, but that’s another topic for another thread).

    It is utterly childish that women are not allowed to give talks from the podium, cannot pray in front of the congregation, or take part in shepherding calls in the Watchtower organization. We can see that outside of religion, women are demonstrating more than adequate competence and talent in the area of business management, medicine, scientific research, and in government (in the last twenty years alone, the U.S. has had three female Secretaries of State).

    Modern groups that still cling to the ancient sentiments of superstitious scribes, and iron-age pseudo-intellectuals, are only going to continue to stifle themselves, inhibit creativity, and remain intellectually stale – just as the Watchtower has.

    Business and Science relies on current knowledge developed through much trial and error; and society is better off because of it. Organized religions like the Watchtower still relies on world views that are thousands of years old (with no sense of trial and error); and many members are mentally and emotionally stunted because of it.

  • binadub

    And husbands?


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