Looks Like The WT Are Out Of Willing Men To Make MS&Elders !

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  • Hairyhegoat

    This info is again from the study edition Nov 2011 and it's just as LOONEY as the other

    ‘Catch’ More Men

    It is our desire that many more men will

    respond to the deeply satisfying message

    that is found only in the Bible. (2 Tim. 3:16,

    17) So how can we reach out to more men in

    our ministry? By spending more time wit-

    17, 18. (a) How might we reach out to more men

    in our ministry? (b)What will we study next?

    nessing in the evenings, on weekend afternoons,

    or during holidays when more men

    are at home. We can ask to speak with the

    man of the house when possible. Let us witness

    informally to male workmates when

    appropriate and reach out to unbelieving

    husbands in the congregation.


    As we preach to everyone we meet, we

    can be confident that those with appreciative

    hearts will respond favorably. Let us patiently

    help all who show a sincere interest

    in the truth.How, though, can we help baptized

    men in the congregation to reach out

    and qualify for responsibility in God’s organization?

    The next article will address this


    Well here is the proof that the WT are in the shite and the men in the congregations have give up the ghost, they are burned out have no money and live on benefits from the government in the UK. Loads are on disability living allowance and are just liars, I know of 6 families who have never worked and have new cars on the tax payer and always go abroard on holiday. Some of these are elders and ministerial servants. Do you know Ken Wescot and his tribe in the birmingham area.

    Sorry about the rant off topic but these kind of freeloaders make me sick.


  • badseed

    well, maybe if they'd stop throwing people out by the bucket loads they wouldn't have that problem.

  • baltar447

    Wow, guess the stones have to start crying out before they would let the wimmin preach!

  • bnybyt

    Well, actually Baltar447,

    funny you should mention the women... there's new light afoot about this and guess who's getting to be priviledged to take on more responsibilities? You guessed it... the sisters.

  • JeffT

    As always, the solution is spend more time selling Watchtowers. If they really wanted to get some men into the KH the way to do it would be set up an HD TV on the stage, turn on the football games and ice down some beer. I know, that's too much like what those worldly churches do - actually giving some one a reason to go there.

  • WTWizard

    This is the same sxxx they have been pulling for some time. I can remember 2009 when they had the drive to recruit more men in their September Kingdumb Misery. I am sure they were thinking it would be the perfect assignment for me--aside the fact that I haven't been to the Kingdumb Hell since 2005 and do not intend on going back. They have been pushing this at times in other Kingdumb Miserys.

    Then, once they have the men in, they are trying to hound them to "reach out" for "privileges(??)". Trouble is, they take them for granted once they enter such assignments--otherwise, they would stay in. They load such people up, then they throw them out when they want to take a time out. Why would anyone volunteer to be accountable for the whole flock when there is no reward in doing so?

  • punkofnice

    It is our desire that many more men will respond to the deeply satisfying message that is found only in the Bible.

    They are, they're leaving the bOrg!

    As we preach to everyone we meet,

    Same old same old. Predictable 'do more or die' scenario!

    How, though, can we help baptized men in the congregation to reach out and qualify for responsibility in God’s organization?

    May I reccomend they first actually find 'god's organization' if they think one exists? It sure aint the JWs!

    I see that all to familiar phrase 'qualified'! Yes. 'mind cleansed' to bOrg specifications!

  • mrquik

    Figuring that the current generation of elders/servants are now AARP members, one can only watch with some satisfaction as they slowly come to a grinding halt. Eventually all cults run out of steam. I wonder who gets to run off with the billions of assets? I need to file a claim.

  • baltar447

    bnybyt do you have some insider information about this or is it just speculation?

  • onemore

    I lasted less than 2 yrs as an elder, becoming one was one of the best thing that ever happened to me as a JW, because it was while “serving” in that position that I came to the realization of the sham that the Organization really is.

    Those 2 years nearly drove me to a mental/emotional breakdown, the pressure, the bickering, the fear mongering Circuit Overseers, the constant reminders that we are not doing “good enough”, and the endless demand of my time. Everything was a managerial task, not a pastoral service.

    I have a good reputation at work and my superiors respect the quality of my work. But as an elder, I was made to feel like a failure, and I had to respond and submit to men that had no clue of what they were doing. Common sense was always lacking.

    Serving as an JW elder undermined my confidence, my self respect and self worth… It has now been almost a year after I dropped it all and stopped attending the KH, and I’m now slowly gaining back those things that were taken from me while serving as one.

    I’m not surprised that they are now literally begging for more willing men. But it’s not going to happen, and from what I’ve been noticing, the spiritual/pastoral quality of the men being appointed to those positions is below standard. They are power posturing supervisors and managers, not Christian pastors/teachers. And what else could be expected? this organization is a corporation after all, it serves them well to have men like that beating the sheep.

    No self respecting individual should consider becoming a Jehovah Witness, little less a MS/Elder.


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