What,s the solution for our neighbor south of the border?

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  • jam

    There,s A civil war in that country. Why don,t the

    UN get involve. They need help.

  • EntirelyPossible
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    How much oil does it have?


  • jam

    No E. Possible, Mexico, but I guess you are right, Brazil

    is just as bad.

  • Hortensia

    yes, why aren't U.S. soldiers helping our neighbor Mexico, instead of people who hate us in the middle east? Why aren't U.S. soldiers helping the police in Arizona and Texas?

    Add to that, why doesn't the U.S. legalize marijuana and take away some of the market for illegal drugs? I hate pot, and yet I can still see the sense in legalizing it. What's wrong with the U.S. govt that they can't see it?

  • Bella15

    One of the solutions, legalize drugs here in the USA.

    Have you ever wondered why and how the drugs once in this side of the border penetrate deep into the USA states? Who looks the other way???

    COPS keep arresting small dealers/addicts and cramming jails with them.

  • jam

    First of all secure the borders by placing our military bases

    A long the borders. Part of their traing would be to secure

    the borders and it wouldn,t cost the tax payer. Once the borders

    are secure then we can move on to legal citizenship. Place the

    UN military in the streets of Mexico, none from our nations because

    it may create A problem for our UN personnel ( same problems with

    law enforcement in Mexico-family members A danger for them).

    I agree, bring our young men back and clean up our own borders.

    The casino fire cross the line, I understand why people are risking

    their lives to come here.

  • dgp

    Gee, Mexicans themselves would suggest a different plan for Americans to help Mexicans fight crime. Very simple:

    Don't do drugs, will you? That creates crime in Mexico and elsewhere. You see, that hot, gorgeous blond with blue eyes and long legs who does drugs is the reason why people like the Zetas have a reason to exist. She may think this is recreational only, but, believe me, it's not.

    Do something about weapons legally sold in the US that end up in ilegally in the hands of drug traffickers. By the way, don' t help with things such as "Operation Fast and Furious".

    Do f***** something about money laundering and trafficking in drugs within your own national borders. For some reason, no one in the United States seem to be convicted of money laundering. AND THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS. If drugs were legal, the "value chain" would stop somewhere in the United States. Also, why is is that nobody in the US is ever convicted after finding him/her in the possession of, say, half a ton of cocaine? Why is it that cocaine arrives in large quantities, but you only happen to catch the guy who has a small quantity in his possession? Corruption, anyone?

    Have you guys ever thought that maybe, just maybe, your own border patrol guys are involved in money laundering and drug trafficking? I mean, drugs do make it into your territory, right? Would it be too much to assume that, say, one million dollars are as likely to buy a conscience in America as they are likely to buy a conscience in Mexico?

    That would help.

    By the way, since you guys took away half of our territory, please stay within your borders, will you?

  • badseed

    invade them??

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    DGP - If you're not careful, we'll take the other half....

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