Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 08-28-2011 WT Study (REGARD)

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I scanned the article and counted the number of times the article mentioned the elders and the slave. Not much mention of Jehovah and none of Jesus.

    Elder(s) 43

    Slave 3

    Jehovah 4

    Jesus 0

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Paragragh 12 is so laughable. Everyone knows about the Pew Forum that put together a report not long ago showing the JW religion has the lowest retention rate (35%) among youth. Now, in our congregation of 13 Elders:

    3 of the Elders do not have children; 2 other Elders have children under 10 years of age. Of the remaining 8 Elders:

    The COBE on his 2nd marriage has 3 children 2 are in their mid 20's and do not live at home and have nothing to do with the 'Truth', his daughter does O.K.

    1 Elder has a pioneer son who is reaching out for substitute C.O.

    2 Elders have 2 sons each in their early to mid 30's and all four are out of the 'Truth'.

    1 Elder on 2nd marriage has a daughter in her early 20s not living at home and inactive.

    1 Elder on his 2nd marriage has a son in his mid-twenties D'Fd and 1 son inactive.

    1 Elder has 1 son at Bethel, 1 daughter (attending another congregation) married to an Elder and 1 son D'Fd.

    1 Elder on his 2nd marriage has 1 inactive daughter and 1 apostate son (not D'fd yet).

    If my arithmetic serves me right of the 18 children among our BOE 6 are still in while 12 have left or near leaving the 'Truth'. That is a 33% retention rate among the Elders. Pretty Embarrassing!

    Now, I've been in my current circuit for a number of years and know the make-up of the BOE in a number of other congregations and I can honestly tell you that the same dysfunctional family arrangement that I've discribed above that exists in my congregation exists through-out the circuit.

    So for the WTBTS to put in print what is said in par 12....'Here the expression "presiding over" obviously includes not only teaching his children but also taking the lead in the family and "having children in subjection." Yes, elders take the lead in the congregation, helping all to be in subjection to Jehovah.'

    Hell, if Elders for the most part are proven failures as fathers what sort of leadership are they providing to the congregation?

    This article and last weeks' article are so laughable and insane that they border on mocking the God of the Bible as well as Jesus Christ.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I just wanted to add one more to the list of Elders with a dysfunctional family: I was at the recent D. C. for our area and heard a talk given by a brother. After the program my wife and I happened to be at a restaurant when we saw this brother and his wife also there and as matters worked out we wound up having dinner together.

    This brother/Elder (who is from another circuit) comes across as an acomplished speaker. But that is where it ends. Like many of the Elders in my congregation he too lacks the freedom to speak as a father.

    In the little bit of time we spent with them we learned that he also is in his 2nd marriage. He has 2 children from a previous marriage; one is D'fd while the other is inactive. His wife on the other hand has 3 children from a previous witness marriage who also are either D'fd or inactive and they have no children from their current union.

    The conclusion of the matter is that the Pew Forum study that was conducted showing the low retention rate of JW youth is pretty damn accurate. And it is amazing how many of these youth who don't want anything to do with the JW religion belong to JW Elders!

    So can someone help me out please? Why should we have regard for the Elders among us and what is it their working soo hard at?

    Oh, and one more thing.......Thank you Blondie. Marvelous review!

  • DesirousOfChange

    R&F should not have to be ORDERED to respect and revere the Elders. Anyone who EARNS the respect of others, does not have to demand it. If elders were living up to the description of Older Men as described in the Bible, the sheep would WILLINGLY give them the respect. But, when elders are elders IN NAME ONLY, that fact quickly becomes evident to the flock and they lose their respect.

    I do think there are some sincere, compassionate, genuine elders in the Organization, but they are now the minority. Most sincere men have become disillusioned by the politics and pettiness required to "play the game". It's just not worth it. The majority now serving are there for the TITLE and POSITION and "HONOR" that they think it brings them. They are losers in every other way in life and it's the only opportunity they have to find "respect" and fulfillment.


  • designs

    Having been 'Admonished' by the WT Society from the top down to the local level I can attest to their great power to black-ball...

  • punkofnice

    I don't know how you do it Blondie, well done. Excellent critique of this weeks propaganda!

    I noticed..

    He may have appointed older men to take the lead, as was the case in other congregations.

    He MAY have? Of course the JWs will think that he DID have.............Boy a weasel word at the start of the 1st paragraph. They've not stopped being propagandist have they!!?!

    Another snoresville fantasy made to 'mind cleanse' the JWs into OBEY OBEY OBEY................or god will lovingly murder you SOON...subject to overlapping yadda yadda yadda........

  • BluesBrother

    Para 7" Christian shepherds today imitate Paul

    by cherishing the flock. By nature, some

    sheep may not be warm and companionable.

    Still, the elders try to show insight and

    “find good” in them. (Prov. 16:20) True, being

    imperfect, an elder may struggle to have

    a positive view of each one. Yet, as he tries

    his best to be gentle toward all, should he

    not be commended for his effort to be a

    good shepherd under Christ?"

    So.., Ever been "cherished" by an elder? I hope not unless he was family!

    One cannot help but notice that the flock may have bad attitudes, but elders are just "imperfect", do you get the impression that they cut the elders more slack? 'Look after your own and stick up for those that have been appointed' is the attitude here ...

    Do you see a certain cofusion about the C.O.B.E ? If he does not take the lead then how does he co ordinate? If he takes a lead then he is presiding???

    I liked Blondie's comment:

    Consensus of opinion = majority vote, the minority then has to go along with the majority. This is what the WTS calls a unanimous agreement.

    I have been there, done that and suffered in silence.....many times in the past !

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Big problem is the fact that the scripture is NOT "gifts in men", it's "gifts to men"!

    NWT puts it in brackets "gifts [in] men", because that isn't what the original text says and it doesn't fit with the context. The leave the brackets out of the Watchtower because it doesn't fit with their authoritarian agenda.

    And as DOC said very well, Jesus never needed to demand respect because according to the Bible he EARNED it. He never had to say, "Hey, who's the Son of God around here. Bow to me!" Nope. He had gifts of healing and prophecy. If God gave gifts like that TO men, they would get respect. Instead, Watchtower has to doctor it to say that the men are the gifts.

    Trust me on this one... elders are NOT gifts. I'd rather chose the used toaster oven. Even if it doesn't work, it's a better deal than putting up with some of the obnoxious elders.

    Additionally, in Acts, all details of the meeting of the "first century governing body" are detailed for anyone to read. Also, the Sanhedrin and older men of the cities of Ancient Israel were to meet in public. Why doesn't the modern "Governing Body" and local elder bodies have public meetings where everything is reported like with government courts?

    Paul personally appointed older men to lead the congregations. Why are such modern appointments now required to be made in Brooklyn?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Oh, and love the tally Bonnie. If elders are so important, why didn't Jesus mention them?

    Right, because JWs pick/choose from Paul on this one, not Jesus.

  • Quarterback

    Thanks, Blondie. You can counsel me anyday.

    Billy: they are gifts in men, although, they are imperfect....I guess it's the thought that counts.

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