with every new light....another false teaching is created...

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  • oompa

    think about it....how simple

    even my elder dad agreed that there was really no way to refute this

    cause if dey been preaching da truuf for foty years and dey say...ahhh we have new light now...

    then what does that make the old light of the past forty years???

    if it is now NOT the "truuful (haha oompa likes that one) teaching"...then it was a false teaching..................oompa not sleeping...only three hours last night dammit

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I think OOMPA needs a high volume of strong meds. Love ya Bro.

  • MrFreeze

    An elder used a stupid example on me. Something about a house being painted or something. Just because it's blue now doesn't mean it was never red. Really dumb and makes no sense. "Truth is unchanging". That's what I say. JW's disagree.

  • factfinder

    My brother disagrees too Mr. Freeze- "old truth & New truth". The old truth uis still truth, but now there is new truth. Orwellian newspeak!

    No reasoning with him possible.

  • sizemik

    oompa thinks clear and simple when he's sleep deprived . . . LOL

    "new light" replaces "current light" which replaced "old light" but is now "old light" too, unless the "current light" is actually "old light" which has become "new light" again (flip-flop). But it's all "da troof" . . . at least for a while. Simple really!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    There is no reasoning....All they hear is 'TRUTH' and that's good enough for them. 'cause those old gits said so! And they know...because they have a direct channel to GOD...cause they are special...Oh so special...but no one else is...God only uses them...And they are gonna rule in heaven...

    Whether it is or not is besides the point.......argggggghhhhh....frustrating!

    How do they channel again?....do spirits talk to them? Ghosts maybe? Jesus? Do they hear voices? Do they do spiritual writing? How are they actually inspired? How does it work? When they get things wrong is that because God stopped talking to them for a while...Is that because they weren't special for a little while?....but then they were again...but then they weren't...

    Maybe they call it new light because it's like God switches the light on and off...on...off...on...off...I'm with you...I'm not...with you...not...

    Anyone know? I'd really like to know how they get their messages.

  • daringhart13

    Just ask them if it was okay with Jehovah that they taught UNTRUTH for almost a century and how that affected who was saved or not.

    Apparently God endorsed their 'old light'........

    Its all so stupid its hard to even laugh at....

  • factfinder

    @still thinking- how does God talk to them?

    In their dreams maybe....

  • smiddy

    This is too simple for the average ( low intelligence ) witness to comprehend I`m afraid

    and it`s not their fault ,it`s the direction from the governing body,that they don`t need higher education!!

    end of story .


  • paulnotsaul

    Oompa, I hope you finally turned off the ' old light ' so you can get some rest and see the ' new light ' in the morning. In other words, take your butt to bed! peace paulnotsaul

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