We recognize when posters are drinking....but I have a delicate query...

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  • sizemik

    Thanks for your summary Nick . . .

    Obviously the emotional route is superior to the cerebral, if seeking any postitive paradigm shift in consciousness.

    I'll endeavor to use MORE capitals, draw weighted emotional conclusions, and stop making so much GODDAM SENSE in future.

  • Robdar

    Zid and Sizemik, I think that was an awesome exchange. Both of you intrigue me and I look forward to your future posts.

  • Nickolas

    I'll endeavor to use MORE capitals, draw weighted emotional conclusions, and stop making so much GODDAM SENSE in future.

    Shit, but that made me chuckle. I love and savour every word of your posts, sizemik. Get your head out of your ass.

    Edit: Is there a correlation between the above comment and the fact that I have consumed the better half of a lovely bordeaux with dinner? Perhaps. Now onto a smokey single malt to finish off the evening. I do not qualify the content or mood of posts to follow.

  • sizemik

    Nick . . . I wasn't being serious . . . the trouble with posters who have been drinking, is that they don't always notice when posters have been drinking. Cheers.

    ED: Except for the female posters . . . they seem razor sharp in that dept.

  • NewChapter

    Not all people are drinkers, but about half the people in here are pre-menopausal females, so it then becomes a question about whether what they post while premenstrual is stupid, too. If I was a woman (and I am thankful that I am not, because I would be an extremely ugly one) I might be inclined to respond defensively.

    Nickolas. But perhaps there was a target in this case. It's always a delight to have someone reduce valid points and concerns to PMS. It gives so much leeway.


  • Berengaria
    I get tired of the sexist bs coming from the left and the vulgar inuendos.- Journey On
  • Nickolas

    So, we're all still friends?

  • Farkel

    Fortunately, men are consistent. We have no cycles for anyone for worry about. We are jerks on the first of each month and we remain jerks until the last day of each month, too. And the cycle repeats, forever.

    There are no misunderstandings this way. Nothing to figure out. No psychologists needed, no therapy. No pills.

    Men are simple, simple, simple. God made us this way so we would have a chance to get along with women. If we were smart, the population on this planet would die off in no time.


  • Glander

    I see the lazy poster with nothing to say is back.

  • HintOfLime
    Fortunately, men are consistent.

    Well... there is that "while in the presence of boobs" thing.

    - Lime

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