We recognize when posters are drinking....but I have a delicate query...

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  • Glander

    Long winded, psuedo intellectual deconstructions of the death oriented male human, seems a bit of an overreaction to my simple question.

    Ziddina, are you asserting that PMS is a myth concocted by males as a control strategy? Do you disagree that the hormonal changes that many women insist changes their mood are based in well understood, accepted medical fact?

  • watson

    I need the little popcorn thingy..

  • Nickolas

    Will a gif do instead?

    PMS exists, as much as mood swings in men exist. Show me one man who claims never to have been influenced by his own testosterone and I will show you a eunuch. Estrogen is a bit of a dilly, too. I have found, through decades of experience, that the antidote to PMS is acknowledgement that it is real and just moving on. Intelligent women know this too and do not as a consquence demonstrate some of the behaviours associated with PMS. They, for all intents and purposes, don't have it, even when they could have it.

  • Kudra

    The only change in myself I notice during my monthly cycle is that I am absolutely turned on all the time for about a week or so (when I am ovulating I suppose) in the middle of my cycle...

    So -perhaps my posts may be "randier"??

    TMI? Here on JWN?? Nahhh... ;)

  • elderelite

    While i wasnt drinking at the time i made the remark, i certainly have made my share of stupid posts while in the company of my dear friend Mr Belviedere....

    That said, my point was that in all things, balance is best. It is a fact that women are hormonal and act very differently when dealing with PMS. Any married man can attest to this. Any woman with an ounce of honesty can too.

    However, this dosent lessen her value or mean her views are invalid while dealing with said biological situation. But like a man whos been drinking, some of whats said while under the influance has to be taken with the understanding that the mind is not in its typical state and things may change when sober or no longer dealing with hormones raging.

    It is a tradgedy that so many women have been abused and treated poorly simply because of gender. The lives of men are benefited in direct proportion to the quality of the relationahips with the women in their lives. Women balance us, plain and simple. I wouldnt want to live absent the wholesome influance of a good woman or women in my life and all that i gain from it.

    Its sad that, instead of embracing what makes us different And thus valuable to each other, we argue over it and dispute and let it be a source of contention. Lifes no harder than we make it. Huggs to all the gals and all you add to our lives :-)

  • Glander

    Wow. Thank you, elderlite. I would not change one word of your above post. Thanks for pulling this thread back into the real world. Andea Dworkin, RIP.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I wouldn't know because I am sweet ,kind, lovable and understanding at all times

  • Glander

    troubled mind - I couldn't imagine you any other way.

  • Nickolas

    Here's the distinction I see, glander. Your question taken generally is fine, because it doesn't have a specific target. The context is that those who post whilst in their cups say stupid things. Not everyone on this board is in the habit of drinking to excess and then spouting off and those who do on a regular basis are soon recognised. Not all people are drinkers, but about half the people in here are pre-menopausal females, so it then becomes a question about whether what they post while premenstrual is stupid, too. If I was a woman (and I am thankful that I am not, because I would be an extremely ugly one) I might be inclined to respond defensively.

  • Glander

    OK. Seems so. Meant no offense and I usually know how to express myself clearly.

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