Tough Situation.

by Low-Key Lysmith 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • sizemik

    Yeah that's tough. Yet another family situation thrown into turmoil by the cold and heartless interferance of this religion. Natural family bonds are destroyed when they are the very instincts that get us through.

    All the best . . . and it's good to hear you won't take any of the bullshit.

  • sinis

    On a side note, I knew a person who had a bad case of cancer. She decided to go down to a homeopathic specialist in another country, was kind of expensive, but the treatment went on for 6 months and she lived down there. By the time she got back she looked 100% better, and the doctors here could not believe that they could NOT find ANY trace of cancer in her body. That was 20 years ago, and she is still kicking today... with no cancer.

  • Honesty

    Check up on her financial records and documents or have an attorney do it for you ASAP.

    Elderly JW's are commonly preyed upon by non-family JW's who come in and 'take the lead' in 'caring' for them.

  • sinis

    I agree Honesty. I have seen houses, cars, bank accounts all disappear - pretty much certain it went to elders, etc. Sad but true. I would also check her valuables in the house and make sure they are still around. I would also FLAT OUT ask the homeopathic person how much they are charging per session, how they are being paid, what amount have they been paid up-to-date, or what agreement was worked out after the treatment is completed.

    Are your parents involved in this? What are their thougts?

    Does she have a will? Have you seen it? Don't be suprised if your family members or even Dubs show up out of the blue saying your grandmother promised asset X, Y, and Z to them after she departs. Make sure some tyoe of paperwork exists, and if not, maybe talk to your parents (next of kin) to see how things are going to be handled.

  • Chariklo

    Many active and devoted JW's in the congregation here, including elders and pioneers, use homeopathic medicine and healers. Same with nearby congregations. I've never ever heard of any objections.

    That's so hard on your grandmother. It sounds to me as if you're really close to each other in spite of recent differences. Hope it all gets resolved.

  • TotallyADD

    Sorry to hear about the tough situation you are in. It just goes to show you how twisted the JW cult is. Some believe in homepathic medicine others think it is spiritism. Just be happy your grandmother wants to talk to you before her time is over. Hopefully things will work out to your benefit. This is a time to show support. Try not to get upset with foolish JW Cult thinking. They are all still cult victims like you were at one time. I hope everything will work out in a peaceful way. Good luck to you. Totally ADD

  • MrFreeze

    Grandparents are the best. Its so tough when they go.

  • Robdar

    Good luck and much love to you and your grandmother.

    BTW, who has the Medical Power of Attorney? Nobody has a right to take charge of your grandmother's health care unless they have her permission.

  • poopsiecakes

    Sorry darlin - what a sucky situation. There truly is no such thing as a 'conscience matter' for a JW because lo and behold someone else's conscience will trump yours every time.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and support.

    My parents are really not in this picture too much. This is my mother's mother. My mom passed away about 6 years ago from pancreatic cancer. My dad is pretty much spineless and useless, also leaning toward supporting my sister's accusations of spiritism. This may explain some of my younger sister's behavior. I lost a sister to leukemia, as well as all of my other grandparents. I absolutely WILL NOT subject myself to another bullshit JW funeral.

    My grandma really doesn't have anything in the way of finances. Medicare is covering the medical bills, thankfully.

    It's wierd. Just whenyou think after 20 years that you're pretty much over the whole JW thing and have gotten used to not having a connection with family, something like this happens and stirs up old crap again.

    But anyway, thanks again for your input. I am taking all of these points into consideration.

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