First post, so Hey Everyone!

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  • PaintedToeNail

    Howdy and welcome!

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    Stick around for a while... its fun here.

  • kazar

    Welcome! Glad to meet you.

  • Thor

    Hey Thinking 1 !


    Interesting song! It made me remember when I first came out of the Borg I really enjoyed a song by the Bodeans called "Closer to Free" the chorus goes... "Everybody wants to live how they wanna live and everybody wants to love how they wanna love and everybody wants to be closer to free"...(the music helps)... I had the CD in my car and would listen to it a few times and sing along (I only do that in my car when I am alone, because I can't really hold a tune) I don't know, somehow it made me feel better....

    Love, Mrs. Thor

  • cedars

    It's a privilege to be able to welcome you, although I'm pretty new myself so feel free to welcome me back. I guess when a new member joins this forum it isn't just a new contributor to any old site - it's more like a baptism of sorts. Another one of the 7,500,000 made it out through the tunnel and past the guards! We should all applaud (but quietly, so as not to alert the sniffer dogs).

    I've noticed it's a really good mixed bunch that are on here, and most will really look out for you to the extent possible if you need any advice or a listening ear for venting purposes. You can relax, you're among friends!

    I look forward to hearing any trenchant observations or unique perspectives you may wish to share in the future...!

    I'll see you at the Swiss border!

    See you at the Swiss border!

  • thetrueone

    I think it speaks to the amazing (albiet horrifying) ability of the human mind to subject itself to what may not actually be best for it.

    Well said Thinking_1 and welcome to the forum.

    Fear induced mental indoctrination grown from human ignorance, cant be healthy for anyone, alot of the folks here have realized that.

  • flipper

    THINKING_1- I'm glad you have your freedom of mind and welcome to JWN ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Welcome to the forum.

    Do your family know yet?


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