Your Tips on Packing and Shipping China, Glass, Collectibles.

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, All Packers and Movers:

    I'm not inexperienced in the above but would appreciate your suggestions and experiences. Google, of course, has been a tremendous help.

    Many thanks,

    CoCo Demenageur

  • AnneB

    Go to U-Haul, buy the boxes specially made for this purpose.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, AnneB. You have seconded the motion made earlier today! Sounds like a plan.


  • Scully

    Insurance is a must, and definitely invest in proper packaging.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Good points, Scully. I learned some helpful tips online, beyond the care I would normally have taken. Yes, insurance!

    Just found out, AnneB, that our U-Haul has no supplies; online purchases only are available. Oh well, boxes are easy to come by here!



  • GLTirebiter

    Anne has good advice. For packing anything fragile, be sure the box is in perfect condition (new if possible)--wrap or pad each piece separately--make sure nothing is near any surface of the box, bottom sides or top (at least 2" away, according to UPS)--add extra padding to fill left-over spaces, so that nothing can shift or rattle around inside--seal the box with proper packaging tape, closing up the entire seam to use the strength of all the material in the top flaps (not masking tape, not just tucking in the flaps). The carefully set the boxes aside, to be loaded last in the safest possible place where nothing can fall on them, or crush them, and where they won't bounce around (buckled in to the back seat of the car, if there's room). If it must go with other items on a truck, use double boxing: fully pack the fragile items into a box, then pad and pack that box inside a larger one.

    UPS, FedEx etc. have packing guidelines--which come from huge amounts of experience. Use their experience to your advantage.

    Good luck with the move, CoCo!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Tirebiter.

    That's good advice on all counts, particularly that of double-boxing. I read, too, that it's best to keep the boxes small and 10 pounds or less.

    Much appreciated!


  • andys

    When I used to live at my parents house I was running my own antique glassware business and learned alot about packing glassware, what I found out very helpful is wrap the glassware and anything fragile in newspaper and also padding, but also don 't wrap anything too tight because also too tight glassware can break.

  • sizemik

    CoCo . . . you're moving . . . I've missed something here.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, andys, for some good advice. I was in the business also so am grateful for the reminders!

    No, sizemik, not me! It's an assignment. Thanks for the thought!

    All the best,


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