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    Being in harmony with the world around me. Living in harmony with good energy . . . taking it in and giving it out . . . as much as possible. It's not about the future or the past to me . . . it's only the here and now.

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    Another thing that brings me peace of mind (and may YOU all have peace!)... is forgiveness. Of others, by others, by myself (for myself and others)... and by God, through Christ. I know, I know... some will say, "Well, I don't need to be forgiven by God. I just need to forgive myself." And okay, I can accept that. That's you. I know of some, though, who've done some pretty heinous acts who feel the same way - only THEY need to forgive themselves. Again, okay - that's their CHOICE. I am of the mind, however, that self-forgiveness, while a wonderful thing under the right circumstances, may not always be sufficient. Sometimes, forgiveness MUST come from the one transgressed against. However, that isn't always possible. The family/loved ones/owner of someone/something you killed... accidentally or on purpose... may forgive you, but that doesn't necessarily cover what the victim himself or herself would do.

    Or perhaps someone doesn't even know you've transgressed against them. Or maybe YOU don't know that you transgressed against another. In all of these latter instances, you can only hope that such ones WOULD forgive you, if they had the opportunity. And so, making peace with yourself ABOUT it may have to suffice.

    For me, one who knows that she is a sinner (NOT because I am "imperfect" and so a sinner by default "like all humans", but because I am honest with myself about what I have done... and, to the best of my recollection, to whom... in my life)... there is another level of forgiveness that brings me peace of mind: forgiveness by God. For my sins/transgressions... against others, but particularly against Him. For my transgression... and they are many... against His Law... of love.

    I did not always know such forgiveness... and so, such peace. I did not come to know of it, however, by listening to another tell me ABOUT it... or reading ABOUT it in some book, even the Bible. I came to know of it when I received it... from His Son, who said to me: "Your sins are forgiven; go your way... in peace"... and immediately felt and EXPERIENCED, literally, that forgiveness and peace. I did not imagine this event; I did not conjure it up in my mind or heart. I literally experienced it... which is why I can put faith IN it... that I HAVE been forgiven and not that I just think or hope I WILL be.

    There is truly no way to describe that peace. The love and admiration of loved ones is a great thing, a great feeling... and great source of peace of mind. I do NOT mean to diminish the value of such a gift. BUT... it does not compare with the peace one receives from the Holy One of Israel and Holy Spirit, JAHESHUA, the Chosen One of JAH. That One said, "I leave you MY peace... NOT as the world gives it." And this is true: it is not something the world... or anything/anyone IN the world can give. All of those forms of peace, however, while wonderful in and of themselves, do NOT answer the ultimate question: what of God? Where do I stand THERE?

    Again, not all have that question... and, again, that's okay. But some do. And for those of us that do, there is nothing, NOTHING, like having THAT question answered... once and for all. THAT... can lead to true peace of mind. And, yes, some can and do "fool" themselves into such knowledge. That is another topic altogether, however.

    But knowing this, that one IS forgiven, doesn't make one better than others; to the contrary, it makes one realize that in TRUTH, their true place NOW... is as a servant. For the One who granted such peace... and those he loves. Which includes those of the world. Because God so loved the WORLD... that He gave this Son FOR... and TO... the world. Such service is only a manifestation of one's otherwise inexpressible appreciation.

    So, had to get that out. Thank you for indulging me... and, again, peace to you all!

    A very willing slave of Christ, to time indefinite, and gladly so...


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