If You Heard An Acquaintance Was Considering A Study With JWs Would You Get Involved At All?

by minimus 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • aquagirl

    I would warn them!!!!!! If your friend was going to go swiming where 'gators lived,wouldnt you warn them? Come on,this religion is WORSE than 'gators in the water,because it affects everyone that person has or ever will have in their life!Heel yeah,Id warm them!

  • Butterflyleia85

    I would say I use to be a JW.

    That's it if he has questions... I will answer. I wouldn't over load him with hate about it.

    My nurse saw on my record that I was a Jehovah Witness about the blood (forgot all about that) and she said her mom is a Jehovah Witness. Obviously that ment she wasn't... I told her I wasn't anymore and she said she understood.

    If it was a dear friend or like my sister in law who married a raised JW... discited to study and I saw her all the time. Then I might caution her a bet. Not enough for her to bring it up with the JW, but that she would reason for her self. "Ah ok, um I think I'm good looking else where"

  • minimus

    Most of us, it seems, wouldn't go all militant on them.

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