If You Heard An Acquaintance Was Considering A Study With JWs Would You Get Involved At All?

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    Thats a Classic Scully..

    JW`s are Sincere about their Insincerity..


    "Ya I`m Using you..So what?..Wanna Bible Study?"..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • Ding


    I congratulate you on your courage.

    You may well have saved that guy from spending the rest of his life as a borg drone.


    Great job.

    That's an example of how the WT's rules work against their own efforts.

    With a little more tact, that JW might have kept the "relationship" going.

  • Bella15


    I would act happy for her and tell her about the exciting and modern ways to get to know the Watchtower Organization better through Internet research.

    Once, I acted like "cool" with my neighbor when she mentioned she was "studying the bible" with JWs. I asked, which book of the bible are you guys covering so far? She mentioned she was not studying the bible per se but a book, so then I acted dissapointed, like, oh so you're not "studying THE bible" and mentioned how those books have the questions and the answer already and to be sure to read and study THE bible. I left it at that.

    On another occassion I told another person about the child sexual abuse coverage going on there because she has children but since she has family that are JWs she didn't want to believe me. She is still studying and going to the meetings. I pray God to keep her children safe, because for some reason I felt an URGENT need to share the child sexual abuse with her, but I mean I even went to her house with another excuse but my purpose was to initiate the talk about the sexual abuse.

  • Rocky_Girl

    I would speak up. The hard part is trying to sound sane when telling someone that the nice 'bible lady' is trained to unconsciously brainwash people into joining a cult. In the past, I have just thrown a couple of examples of weird teachings out there and suggested internet research.

  • Judicial Committee
    Judicial Committee

    'If You Heard An Acquaintance Was Considering A Study With JWs Would You Get Involved At All?'

    Well Virginia, if the person was even half a friend to me or even just a casual acquaintance I would tell them just few choice ways the Jehovah’s Witness hierarchy desires and expects you relinquish control of your life to them; it may be that the person you refer to as an acquaintance has half a brain, and would greatly appreciate the heads up.

  • sizemik

    Two things I would have appreciated 30 years ago . . . some inside knowledge about the witnesses . . . and the internet.

    Anybody who refuses to research them at the prompting of an ex-member . . .

    Nuff said

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Yes I do.

  • smiddy

    My Bloody oath I would !!

    Respectfully,and compassionately,using some excellent sites via the internet. eg this one ,JW Facts,free minds,silent lambs,just to name a few.


  • GLTirebiter

    I'd tell them about a gentleman in town who went to the Kingdom Hall. I'd describe the successful small business he ran, drop names of people who patronized his shop, even though it's halfway accross the country, because he did such fine work. But no, you won't see him at the meetings, because the Watchtower doesn't allow blood transfusions, and he's dead now because he listened to them!

    Most non-Witnesses know little about the Watchtower blood dogma, nor have they seriously pondered its consequences. Do them a favor, tell them about it before they swallow the bait!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Yes I would. I would hope they'd listen to me, but if they didn't then at least I've done my part to try to help them avoid being part of a cult.

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