News article: Watchtower buys another parcel

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  • scary21

    I just thought it was funny ha ha that it just happened to be the name of thier brokerage firm. I once looked at a house to buy.... it was on Catholic Church Rd. I wonder if a JW would live on that street? It would be funny if the address was 666.

  • hamsterbait

    "there's no industrial component anymore," Watchtower spokesman Richard Devine said. "As a result, it seemed like a good fit to consolidate and create a much more efficient, much more environmentally friendly complex."

    There is BIG BIG money to be made from green subsidies.

    Is this also a move towards getting people to down load the litterature, paying for the paper ink and electricity themselves?

    If it dont make a profit, Witchtower Babble and Trash Sickiety dont do none of it.


  • designs

    'There's no industrial component anymore' really?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I'm confused. If they are only building on 45 of the 253 acres, why do they need another 50 acres 6 miles away to put temporary construction facilities? It seems like they have plenty of room right at the building site. I smell a rat!



  • metatron

    I think you guys are missing a factor not reported in the media: upstate NY "outlaw" religious communities. Perhaps I'm the only person blunt enough to call them that.

    You have whole towns dominated or utterly controlled by Ultra-Orthodox Jews. There are also a lot of new age religious types soaking up a tax exempt status near the NJ border, Catskills and Hudson area. The Society is buying into the area hoping for protection amidst religions that are even more ugly and cultish.

    As for the need for these buildings, I'm puzzled. How much 'administration' do they require?


  • Snoozy

    Good poiint metafron..

    My thought is it is a good time to buy real estate..bad time to sell. Someday their property may be worth a fortune if the economy turns around..

    It's all about the money!..

    They know something.


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