News article: Watchtower buys another parcel

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  • Quendi

    You guys just don't get it. The WTS is buying all this Hudson River Valley property because they are building the New World capital! Don't you see? Once these purchases are finalized, construction can start on the offices, facilities, and residences the "princes of the earth" and other resurrected ones will need to open those "new scrolls" which will contain orders from the heavenly government. So after Armageddon has wrecked the rest of the planet leaving its survivors the wonderful task of burying billions, clearing away rubble, planting crops, and building huts for themselves and the others who will be resurrected, the Watchtower elite will take up their rulership without having to be involved in that kind of stuff. Just think of all this as Beth Sarim and Beth Shan East! Isn't it obvious? I'm sure that's one possible answer the WTS will give its gullible followers as to why, with the End so close, it is involved in these land grabs.


  • Terry

    Ha! Right you are! It seems now I was granting them too much sanity. I would certainly choose California over New York.

    The equable climate would soften their doctrine in Sunny California :)

  • shamus100

    But what about all the earthquakes that are supposed to occur? California is most succeptable.

    Jehovah, what are you thinking!

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I'm still mystified about why the Holy Spirit didn't move them to sell off 100% of Brooklyn at the peak of the Real Estate bubble.

    Oh well, I suppose this way, little children from developing countries have more opportunity to demonstrate their faith by raising pigs & chickens, selling them for cash and giving it to Watchtower.


  • WalkTall

    I'm confused. If they are only building on 45 of the 253 acres, why do they need another 50 acres 6 miles away to put temporary construction facilities? It seems like they have plenty of room right at the building site. I smell a rat!

  • scary21

    Did you notice the firm that represented the WT ? Cushman and Wakefield- PYRAMID

  • Gayle

    all this "conquer", "sell," and "scatter," all over upstate New York, and some up to Canada,,closing branches, downsizing,, craziness, this is all a major distraction for them. Who knows what is going on? The rank & file have to be clueless in so many ways!?? Some kind of hysteria, not sure what kind.

    Since 'visual' helps me I had to "Google", Warwick (future Headquarters, about 60 mi NW from Brooklyn), Tuxedo, (about 10 mi e. from Warwick), Ramapo , about 12 mi SE from Warwick, Wallkill, ne from Warwick, and Patterson, se, from Wallkill. These towns are in 3 different counties, sounds like.

    Warwick has 253 acres, Tuxedo 50 acres.

    So they are only printing books, leaflets in U.S. now? Where is that going on? Wallkill? At one time wasn't there property in Pinebush, near Wallkill? What is the purpose of Ramapo? Patterson? How many acres in each of these places?

    Is anyone trying to keep an accounting of these new properties?

  • Bella15

    Cushman and Wakefield-Pyramid Brokerage Co. Is this a commom last name here in USA?

  • botchtowersociety

    Cushman and Wakefield-Pyramid Brokerage Co. Is this a commom last name here in USA?

    Pyramid isn't a last name in that business name.

    Cushman and Wakefield is a big RE brokerage firm.

    Pyramid Brokerage Co is their upstate NY subsidiary.

    No relationship to Watchtower pyramidology.

  • factfinder

    Thank you Barbara!

    It will be interesting to see how this all develops and what the society ends up building at these locations. I personally will be sad to see the Brooklyn facilities sold, especially the 117 Adams Street Complex, 124 and 107 Columbia Hts and the 25/30 Columbia Heights complex- I have happy memories of visiting these facilities and they greatly impressed me during my first visit to Bethel in 1977.

    Up until the society moved the Brooklyn printing operations to Wallkill, the 117 Adams Street printery was the largest book binding plant in NY !

    @Gayle- the Wallkill printery prints the biibles and books for the US, Caribbean and Canada. It prints 100,000 books per day. I believe they are still printing tracts and brochures there as well.

    I think my brother is typical of the vast majority of witnesses-they don't know of or care about any properties the society owns, buys or sells. Most witnesses will never know about any of this as the new gb has seen to it that nothing about these matters ever appears in the magazines, kms or ybs anymore.

    I think the gb knows armageddon is a sham and it seems hypocritical they preach how close we are to the end yet keep planning ahead for the future. But I was told many years ago the witnesses believe all of the society's properties will be used in the new world- so they have to keep up with the building work-for use now and in the new system.

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