I prayed and then there was a knock at the door ...

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    I was a young member of the Full Gospel Pentecostal church in my home town.. that evening I found myself praying to God and asking Jesus to come in to my life, giving my life to him. I was standing outside the entertainment hall of a holiday camp in Camber Sands in the English county of Kent.

    A voice from a young girl stunned me, thankfully she could not see my blushes in the moonlight of the dark sky. We spoke, we went back into the hall to enjoy the evening with her and her family.

    At the same time, my Father has been on a voyage of discovery to find his mother's carer during the second world war in London. "Find Grace" his mum said just before she died, "and thank her for me, for all her care..."

    Dad was looking for the answers in the early sixties...

    Grace turned out to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses... We attended our first circuit assembly in Seven Kings, Ilford.

    A girl walked out of the crowd to say hello... she only lived a mile down the road from our home. She was one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I studied and was baptized as a JW by my own Father on April 25th 1971.

    I thought then... my prayers were answered.

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    Here's a conversation I've had before. Warning....you may want to punch someone after reading it:

    Witness - (relates the miraculous experience of someone praying for help to understand the bible when a JW shows up at his door)

    Me - (show them proof of other religions claiming the same type of experiences)

    Witness - "but our experiences are genuine!". "theirs are nothing more than lies"

    Me - "Can you prove this? Do you realize how ignorant this sounds with nothing to back it up?"

    Witness - "I can't prove that they lied, but if it did happen like they said....then it had to be Satan directing it....as a facade. He is always changing himself into an angel of light you know. "

    Me - "Again, where is the proof for these speculative statements?"

    Witness - "You KNOW God wouldn't direct a Babylonish religion. It HAD to be Satan. Or who knows....it could have just been coincidence."

    Me - "And it wasn't coincidence when the homeowner was contacted by JWs?"

    Witness - "you obviously have a bad attitude"

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    I have been trying to incorporate some of these when having conversations with my wife. Isn't it funny when the experience is about JW's it's God's holy spirit ... anybody else and Satan is working as an angel of light to distract people from the truth?

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    This sort of "thinking" is so common among JWs: if we do it, it is GOOD and proof of God's Backing; it they do it it is BAD and proof that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light.

    You guys might find this thread on a similar subject amusing:

    Jehovah, the God of Parking Lots

    Check it out!

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