I prayed and then there was a knock at the door ...

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  • Robdar

    Well, this is weird but about 10 years after I left the JW's, I prayed for God to guide me to "the truth." Still thinking, of course, that there might be one true religion. Not 15 minutes later, a JW knocked at my door. It scared the bejeebers out of me and I sent her on her way. After she left, I asked God, "WTF???"

    I finally decided that God has a delicious sense of humor.

  • Rocky_Girl

    LOL @Robdar

    I prayed for guidance when I left the RCC after a year - that was my first attempt to move on from the JWs - and the next day I received a package from my great aunt with some things that my grandmother left me. Inside, I found a mezuzah, kiddish cups, a challah cover and recipe, and photos of my great X 5 grandmother.

    Now I am an agnostic (I don't believe that God, if He/She is up there, sends random people or packages to us when we pray) But, after studying Judaism, I feel more comfortable with my non-christian status. So some good came out of it...

  • Robdar

    Wow, Rocky. I find it very interesting that you received those gifts from your bubbe. I totally agree that studying Judaism makes a person more comfortable with being non christian.

    I converted to Judaism. And although I do not participate in the holidays, I find their philosophy of life to be quite refreshing. The religion doesn't even mind it when I am feeling rather agnostic--which seems to come and go with me.

  • punkofnice

    By Hector!

    It's an open market out there. The gods are sitting around waiting for prayers to answer.

    Incoming prayer: 'Grovel grovel.....oh, god send someone blah blah..!'

    Odin: 'Oi, Jehovah. It's your turn to answer the door. Elohim did it last. It's my turn Thursday!'

    Jehovah: 'OK. ....but why do I get all the weirdos? I'm still regretting making Fred Franz my representative on earth. A right mess that idiot made.......sent him to Hell...........that was a shock to him'

    Odin: 'That's the way the cookie crumbles Mr J!'

    Vishnu and Allah laugh.

  • bigmac

    many years ago i prayed for a bigger penis

    now ive got a 9 inch tall man playing a piano.

  • wobble

    Big Mac, God needs to visit The Hearing Centre, they do good digital hearing aids.

    Which made me think, the one element that we cannot know for sure is, how many people pray, and get no result ? No answer ?

    I bet it is far far more than those who get any kind of answer.

  • worried

    I had kinda the same story once.. Me and my wife talked about whether our landlord had ordered the plumber.. The doorbell rang 30 seconds later, and guess who stood there..

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And the JWs will reply that Satan makes himself an angel of light to trick these poor people into false religion.

    Convinced as they are that they are truly unique...


  • dm6

    You Reap what you sow in life.

    If you pray to God to come into a lot of money and your claiming state benefits and not working whilst you are able to, dont expect any outcome.

    If you pray to God for help and guidance in times of distress calling upon him for help, there is not a prayer that goes unanswered.

    God is everywhere, in all of us, around all of us.

    What is truth? The JWs? The Catholics? The Protestants? The Muslims? The Hindus?

    God is everywhere, with the catholics, with the JWs, with the Muslims, with the athiests.

    The Jehovahs Witnesses are so fixated on "truth" and that they are the only ones who have it. I feel like shaking them and telling them to wake up! God is everywhere no matter you think.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

  • wannabefree

    There are just too many different experiences to post, so here is a link if you care to take a look.

    When I first started waking up about my JW faith, experiences of answered prayers and preaching were things that caused me to think that possibly I was wrong to question things that didn't make sense, wasn't God's Spirit obviously at work with the Organization?

    These experiences make it so obvious that others are doing a preaching work, often more effectively, and so many experiences offered by people of different religions are strikingly similar to JW experiences .... except others also seem to offer more practical assistance to communities.

    I don't offer an opinion as to whether or not God is behind every one of these experiences or even any, but it is evident that the JW experiences are not unique in any way unless you exist within the Organizational bubble.


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