RESCUE OPERATION: What did you do to help others Wake-Up?

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  • wobble

    Thanks JN Bethel,

    I believe this too, that leading a very happy fulfilled life is the best way to discombobulate them.

    My wife said to me this morning "When I see "D" at work, (an Elder who works in her office sometimes) he seems afraid of me !"

    She could not understand this, as she knows he does not fear she will tackle him on doctrine or anything else, it is merely talking to her he seems to avoid.

    I thought for a moment and said "I guess what he fears is finding out that after leaving the WT you are happy, they are taught that leavers cannot be happy"

    Showing that life is so much better without the WT is the best anti-(J) witness.

  • AGuest

    Just to clarify, dear JIFB (peace to you!)... because your comments lead me to believe that perhaps I need to... there are two groups that [want to] leave: those who are [still] conscious of their spiritual "need"... and those who are not. I would never knock the latter, however, as doing so negates their possession of free-will and so the RIGHT to choose. Also, unlike the "religious", the Body of Christ doesn't go around preaching their beliefs to others, for the most part. To the contrary, it is almost always the other way around: folks see us living a happy, fairly prosperous life OUTSIDE the Borg... and so come to US. They know that, for the most part, we didn't merely fade, but most of us literally took a stand. We're literally labelled "apostates." But they can SEE that we didn't leave God (which is what an apostate truly is)... and so they want to know what it is we "found" that was "better" than the WTBTS and "Jehovah." Our response: we found Christ. Actually, that we were found BY Christ.

    You don't see many of us here, though: I am pretty much the most vocal of those I know - they are all much quieter about their faith than I am. But that's primarily because... well, I think the account of my Lord's words to Simon, when dining at that one's house, explains it much better than I ever could. I won't quote that, though, as most here already know of it but let's just say that I was forgiven a great amount of debt. Most of the others, though, had no more debt... "sin"... than, perhaps, you or most here.

    The truth, though, is that you really cannot tell one who left but still has faith from one who left but no longer has faith... unless YOU engage them. Then, it is as you said: we, too, explain and/or defend our positions... and faith. But ALWAYS respectfully, regardless of WHO is asking. But otherwise, there is no difference. We, too, enjoy animals, travel, education, science, history, movies, and many hobbies that keep our minds sound and in the present. We own our homes (most of us), have decent jobs, even own our own businesses some of us. We feed the hungry, help the homeless, volunteer in our communities, hand out clothing, money, etc., watch our neighbors homes/kids, attend Neighborhood Watch and other community meetings and events, etc. For all intents and purposes, we are "successful"... particularly in our immediate/household familial relationships. We are also... "discreet"... in that we don't go blowing a horn before ourselves. That is not how our Lord has taught/is teaching us to be.

    It is not our job/vocation to judge others - ANY others. Our obligation is to love ALL others... even our enemies. Which we truthfully try to do. You "hear" me HERE... but you can ask many here who I've had the privilege of meeting and spending time with in person... and they will tell you that the conversations do NOT include or involve my faith... unless such one asks. Otherwise, that is not why I am visiting with one: I am doing so because of my love and concern for that one, the individual that they are AND their household. My friends. I enjoy their company and want them to enjoy mine. And so we dine out together, go shopping, see a movie, go to one another's homes, etc. If one WANTS to know about my faith... and my Lord... and things related to that... well, then, I am MORE than happy to share that with them. But I don't HAVE to... and only WANT to... if such ONE wants me. Indeed, some sometimes get a little frustrated with me because I DON'T bring it up - they become confused... because apparently they EXPECTED me to "go there." Later, though, as they get to know me, they realize that it is very precious to ME... but not something I just put upon THEM. Indeed, where is the love in THAT?

    Here, though... given the purpose of this site... to help those wishing to know the TRUTH... about the WTBTS... AND about God and/or Christ, the Bible, and things related to THOSE... I speak freely and with great boldness. Because the site, forum, topics, and participants allow... ask... and are amenable to that.

    But we, the Body of Christ, DO make it our aim to "live quietly... and mind [our] own business." Truly. I absolutely do.

    I hope this clarifies, if it was necessary (and if not, my apologies)... and, again, peace to you!

    YOUR servant and a slave of Christ,


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I'm not dfd, so my situation has been different. My approach has been rather like how JWs would try to informal witness to friends or family. Try to talk to one person alone, face-to-face, where you can see their reaction and they can speak freely without fear of retribution. And carefully use questions, observations, or something that will indirectly touch on the subject. Then stop. Work around to make one point, then move to something non-religious. Wait. See if THEY bring something up, or try bringing something else up. It's a slow process, but I've made progress with 6 in my family.

  • just n from bethel
    just n from bethel

    For the love of everything holy - when will some people stop thinking every post is about them?

    At least it helps me work on my true humanity, understanding, and tolerance.

    It's understanding that makes it possible for people like us to tolerate a person like yourself.

  • AGuest

    Since I love everything holy, dear JIFB (again, peace to you!)... and you may not be addressing me here (but it does seem so, given the order of posts and their comments)... I did not assume you were addressing ME, per se, previously. So, I hope you are not of the mind that I responded as I did because I thought you were. No, as I stated, what you posted compelled me to CLARIFY about some of those who still have faith. Because, again, there are many who want to come out... but not if it means leaving God. If the impression is that only those who leave God become "successful"... or living a relatively good life, then that really only plays further into the WTBTS' hands. Remember, they are like the witchhunters of Salem: if they tie cement blocks to your feet and throw you in the lake... and you float... it's because the Devil was helping you. If you sank, it was because God had rejected you.

    The impression is often than one cannot leave the WTBTS... and still have GOD's "blessing." No, if you leave and do bad, well, that's what you get; God has removed His Spirit. If you do good, well, that's because you now belong to Satan. If you get "preachy", then you've joined another religion. If you are quiet, then you're doing real bad and don't want anyone else to know. If you drop off the face of the earth... well, what'd you expect? Etc.

    So, I only meant to CLARIFY what life is like for "us", as well. You don't "see" us in the real community as you might HERE. That's all I meant. I truly was not trying to make it about ME, per se... but about life after leaving the WTBTS... while still having faith in God. I use my own example the most because I believe that my life is just as much a testimony FOR not having to shake off one's faith when shaking off one's religion... as that of one who shakes off both. That's it, that's all.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Ding

    Often, the WORST thing you can do is to tell them outright that the Society is wrong or overtly try to persuade them of such.

    Faced with that, most JWs will irrationally defend the organization to the death.

    So DON'T directly attack the organization or the GB.

    Some people have had a measure of success by showing friends or family false prophesies, contradictory teachings, or false statements right out of WT publications without any comment.

    Russell's statements "proving" things via Great Pyramid measurements are good for this purpose as are some of the more ridiculous statements in The Finished Mystery (Leviathan = the locomotive; Michael and his angels = the Pope and his bishops, etc.) and in Rutherford publications such as Millions Now Living Will Never Die (jubilee cycles prove the resurrection will occur in 1925).

    The deed placing the San Diego house Beth Sarim in trust for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the partriarchs is also good. lists a lot of these references, but be sure to have WT originals or copies to show rather than just summarizing what they say.

    As the late Walter Martin observed, as a rule JWs don't listen very well, but they read fine.

    If you say anything at all about the publications, just say that they trouble you or puzzle you.

    Understatement is usually best.

    If the nonsense in those WT publications doesn't shake them, then nothing you say is likely to do so either.

    Let the publications speak for themselves.

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