JW and Sham Honesty Story

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  • Jim_TX

    hahahaha - I remember as a kid in grade school... my older sister once found a Bic pen on the playground. (I think that they cost around a quarter back then... maybe more... it was over 45 years ago...)

    Anyway, she took it in to the main office at the school and turned it in to the lost and found.

    I think that there is a limit on what I would do to try to locate the 'owner' who may have lost something.

    Remember... a lot of these stories are made up by fellas who haven't been out in the 'real world' since about the late 50's or early 60's. So, the 'flavor' of their stories reflects that era.


    Jim TX

  • james_woods

    Maybe this would be a good place to remember that JWs are perfectly proud of using "theocratic strategy" when it suits them -

    So, they are not totally committed to honesty for the sake of honesty itself - just honesty when it is perceived to help their insane cause.

    Dishonesty when that is perceived to help their insane cause.

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