How are things going since my exit?

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  • discreetslave

    Today I got accepted to a Christian university and we had an earthquake!!! The college is located here in VA and is the largest Christian university in the US. My husband is worried about the money but the fact that it's Liberty U upsets him more.

    Otherwise things are good between us things are tense on meeting days. We had an argument about my leaving the before the meeting other day. He is resentful that I didn't give him the chance to convince me to stay a JW. I asked him if he would let me convince him of what I know that was the end of the argument. He apologized and said he's committed to make things work between us.

    I just found out he's assigned to handle the mics every 2 weeks and some reading assignments. He has two young kids and no JW wife I found this to be very inconsiderate of the elders I don't dare bring it up but I wonder if he said anything to the elders.

  • sizemik
    He is resentful that I didn't give him the chance to convince me to stay a JW. I asked him if he would let me convince him of what I know that was the end of the argument.

    Nice response. Rather than arguing the small stuff . . . highlighting the overall unreasonableness of a particular stance in general terms is probably more effective (done nicely of course)

    Just tactfully make sure he doesn't neglect you and the kid's (make arrangements for plenty of family time). If the Elders run him ragged thanklessly, it'll eventually play into your hands.

  • leavingwt

    Congratulations on getting into college. I really think you're going to like it.

  • Nice_Dream

    Congratulations! What kind of courses are you taking?

  • discreetslave

    Major in Psychology & minor in writing.

    I should mention we have been having lots of family time. He skipped out on the cong. picnic since he felt wrong being at something for families without me. I hope the elders running him ragged plays into my hands

  • paulnotsaul

    DS, congrats! Good for you. Go for your self. Aren't you glad the ORG. prepared you for 'critical thinking'. ( just kidding! ) peace paulnotsaul

  • Quarterback

    How are things going since my exit? Good question. Education seems to be a sore spot. I admire your husband wanting to make things work out amoung both of you. I have seen many go to university, and they don't come out with Devil horns sticking out of their heads. I have seen many University grads unemployed and heavily in debt as well. This recession is horrible, and it really puts pressures on the families.

    Some think that we will be celebrating Birthdays soon. But, no cake, no candles.

  • isojourn

    Congrats! and best of luck.

  • ABibleStudent

    Congratulations discreetslave on being accepted by the college!! College is fun and will consume a lot of your time. I hope that you buget your time to also do fun things with your husband.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • talesin

    Woop Woop!!

    Congrats, and really like your major/minor.

    It sounds like you two communicate well.

    I wonder if you saw Nickolas' thread of a couple of days ago about an amazing talk with his wife & partner of many years. His OP is really inspiring.



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