Overlapping generation

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  • sd-7

    Why would someone diagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA still be on the Governing Body? One can only conclude that all of them suffer from it equally in order to allow that, much less to VOTE on an idea proposed by someone CONFIRMED as MENTALLY ILL.

    "His name's [John Barr]. A paranoid schizophrenic, former patient at Arkham Asylum. The kind of mind the Joker attracts. What do you expect to LEARN from him?"


  • straightshooter

    That explains it. I was wondering how in the world such a stupid explanation could be dreamed up.

  • punkofnice
    He had just been diagnosed of schizophrenia and chronic dementia.

    What was it the WTB$ called 'apostates'?

    Oh, yes: 'Mentally diseased'!

  • Alfred

    The toes of the the statue in the book of Daniel represent the 10 overlapping generations of annointed ones starting in October 1914. Assuming a generation is 70 years and a 1-day overlap between generations is acceptable, armageddon can come as late as September of 2614...

  • 00DAD

    Alfred is generous with his "1-day overlap". Even a nano-second would qualify, ... evidently!!!

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