Open Letter To The Governing Body Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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    Open Letter To The Governing Body Of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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    Dear Brothers,

    I served for 27 years as an Elder in the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. I recently relinquished this privilege for the following reasons:

    1. My whole life I was taught that Armageddon is going to be here any moment and is imminent. The direction from the Holy spirit said that the end was going to come in 1914, 1925,1975, Before the end of the twentieth century, and you would never grow old or fulfill any career. It didn't happen. "Imminent" and "soon" has stretched on for over 100 years. These interpretations of bible prophecy have proven to be false yet you continue to pretend that they were directed by Jehovah.

    2. I was taught that there would be few anointed left when the end came and that the number will decrease as the end drew near. The number of anointed is increasing.

    3. I was told that field service is a life saving work that must be performed with a sense of urgency. So far not one persons life has been saved, and even though it is "urgent" the antiquated method of calling on empty houses is used as the primary way of trying to reach people. Television, internet, email, postal service, social networking are not used even though the effectiveness of these methods are proven. I doubt that you feel that this is a lifesaving work yourself.

    4. We are taught as an organization that the light gets brighter as Jehovah blesses his servants with Holy Spirit and increased understanding. Is Jehovah responsible for flip flopping doctrines such as the generation of Matt. 24:34, organ transplants, Blood transfusions, the superior authorities etc. or is it men who claim to be inspired? Despite these changes each time credit/blame is given to Jehovah. If the Faithful and Discreet slave were actually inspired, faithful, or discreet, these teachings would have never changed.

    5. We are taught that we live in a spiritual paradise and associate with the safest group of people on earth. As Elders we were given instructions in some cases not to tell the authorities or to warn the congregation. The organization has tried in the past to sweep the problem under the rug, and continues to do so in the misguided effort to protect its reputation.

    6. Disfellowshipping as practiced within the organization, cannot be found in the scriptures. Would Jesus have treated sinners the way that we as Witnesses treat sinners?

    7. I was taught that the United Nations organization is the wild beast described in Revelation and is one of the organizations controlled by Satan. Despite this, the Watchtower Society was partners of the UN for a number of years as a Non-Governmental Organization. This is the height of hypocrisy.

    8. Even though the "truth" changes, if you believe something other than what is published as the latest light (right or wrong) you can be disfellowshipped. I have seen this personally happen and remain anonymous because of fear that this will happen to me.

    9. 1914 cannot be proved by scripture as the end of the Gentile times. No one other than the Witnesses believes that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE. Brother Russell used the Great Pyramid of Giza's measurements to corroborate 1914 as the end of the Gentile times. The calculation arbitrarily uses a lunar year of 360 days to come to a date based on a solar year of 365.25 days.

    10. Even though I have been told repeatedly that world conditions are deteriorating in fulfillment of Matt. 24 Earthquakes are not increasing in frequency according to the USGS. Crime rates have dropped dramatically according to the Department of Justice. The life span of mankind has risen dramatically since 1914 as pestilence is treated, controlled, or eradicated according to the Department of Health. Food shortages are decreasing. Wars are not increasing.

    11. Even though I pray through Jesus to Jehovah, I am taught and am expected to teach that Jesus is not our mediator. This is despite what the Bible says at 1 Tim. 2:5,6.

    Brothers, these are some of the reasons that caused me to resign serving as an Elder. I cannot with a good conscience support an organization that pretends to be something that it is not, just as I cannot pretend to be something or someone that I am not.

    I ask that you consider the large number of appointed men resigning as a symptom to a larger problem within the organization. The problem is the Governing Body assumes an arrogant and authoritarian position in that it acts as God's sole channel here on earth today. I can see it, many others have seen it and are quitting because of it. The vast majorities that resign are not doing so because they want to live an immoral life without Godly principles, they resign because they are men of principle.

    You cannot control people's thoughts and intentions, even as much as you would like to. Jehovah created each of us with a sense of fairness and honesty, and most importantly free will.

    Members of the Governing Body, I ask you to act as men of principle yourself. Allow people to have the freedom to choose for themselves whether they want to be a part of your organization or not, and if they choose to leave, allow them to do so without sanctions. Honestly admit it if you are not sure of a scriptural interpretation, do not force people to believe something that you are not convinced of yourself. Do not allow past mistakes in policy or doctrine to continue to morph into future mistakes that may cost people their families or even their lives. Lastly, protect the people under your spiritual care not through secrecy, but through transparency, with the foremost quality of love in mind.

    Your Brother,


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  • garyneal

    Very nicely written.

    The vast majorities that resign are not doing so because they want to live an immoral life without Godly principles, they resign because they are men of principle.

    Sadly, rank and file witnesses do not agree with this. My wife is notorious for saying that people who leave do so because they want to live their life 'the way they want to,' implying that they are not being men of principle. She does this to me too when I say things out of principle that goes against the organization.

    She's even used my inability to see things her way in regards to allowing our kids to watch The Princess and the Frog as reason to dismiss my position on 'biblical principles.' It's sad to see someone as intelligent as she is be so misled by this dispicable organization.

  • LostGeneration

    I believe original credit for that goes to SIAM, but nevertheless it is a great piece articulating the problem of being an elder in such a corrupt organization.

  • the-illuminator81

    I'm sure that the GB will carefully place your excellent letter in their round archive..

  • Nickolas

    Yes, nicely written and all valid points. This thread is noted and marked, thank you.

    Garyneal and I are in similar situations and we from time to time cross paths in threads like this. Oh but how I understand and feel your frustration, Gary. It is indeed sad to see an intelligent person so firmly entrenched in what she believes with her whole heart but you know to the depth of your being that she is a victim of cognitive dissonance. She does not see because she does not want to see. As you know I do not have the winning formula to change things around, but I know after 33 years what doesn't work. About some things I'm a slow learner. I'm trying love and acceptance toward her and being at peace with myself. At some point that intelligent brain, no longer under assault and in defensive mode, may just take notice and wake up all on its own (with a little bit of gentle prodding from me).

  • punkofnice

    Sadly the GB would never even see this. Some young whippersnapper in the post room would bin it.....

  • jehovahsheep

    nice letter.unfortunatly there has been thousands of such letters over the years.but its good you sent it because it will help you making your break.

  • stuckinamovement

    Funny Stuff.

    I want to note that I only served as an Elder for 7 years in contrast with the 27 years stated. I am glad to see this is circulating still.


  • wobble

    Why don't we all contribute to a similar open letter, and have it published on its own page in the New York Times ?

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