Marking?? WTH is that?

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  • cptkirk

    i had an elder mark me, rallied all the other elders and some members against me (save a few elders). turns out this fucking guy is into reading about satanic rituals, making dark pacts with the devil.....this same guy is asked to give the prayer at the memorial. you know how they used to say how much worse it is, if you know you are sinning and continue in that sin? well this should apply to anyone walking into a kingdom hall. you have the information now, you know what type of sick fucks these people are who are "appointed to watch over your soul"... you continue to walk into the kingdom hall, and you are knowingly committing the worst possible sin. you are propping up these individuals. save a small percentage of them, who are decent human beings....who are just convinced any questioning is apostasy. poor bastards.

  • simon17

    It's harsher than a reproval because reprovals are usually short restrictions applied to repentant wrongdoers. Marking is just one step away from disfellowshipping.

    I'm not sure about that. Basically:

    Reproving: You did something DF worthy but were repentant

    Marking: You did not do something DF worthy, but were unrepentant about it.

  • DagothUr

    That is what I have been told by my study conductor, who was a very spiritual person (according to the Dubs standards): marking is worse because of the unrepentant attitude of the wrongdoer. The gravity of the sin is irrelevant. What is rellevant is if you still aknowledge the authority of Jehovah, of the slave and of the elders.

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