Marking?? WTH is that?

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  • NomadSoul


    Now that's a word I haven't heard in a while.

    "La hermanita/o Free!! ha sido censurada por andar en foros apostatas". Lol

  • Free!!

    Wow!!! that's a whole new concept to me!! i mean, while i was in i knew of reprovals and disfellowshiping, but never marking, i mean people would "unofficially" single others out that were not "spiritual" but it was a personal thing (seriously) even the term "senalar" was never heard of, at leat in my congo.. we did have the typicall "needs" talks every once in a while... one of my JW friends she is a great person, except she dresses "wordly" aka too tight and too sexy, but because she is not showing any clevelage and her skirts are long enough, they cannot do anything more the give her counsel... we had many, many, MANY talks about dress code, and everyone knew who the talk was for, but did we care? NO. I know most of us still hanged out w her every weekend and had fun... i guess it depends on the congo.... :)

  • Free!!

    NomadSoul... lol.. is HERMANITA! i am girl!! :)

    "la hermanita Free!! le vale m..... si la censuran o no por que no ha puesto pie en un KH en 3 anos!!" heheheh

  • Gayle

    okay,,dating a non-JW,,what else? Maybe getting a tattoo? too much piercings,,too low-cut tops,,too short of skirts (then comes how many inches),, expressing/admitting watching R movies,, spiked hairstyles,,choice of music,,public wild dancing, breaking curfews? Probably attitude, things getting to close to "brazen." what else?

  • NomadSoul

    Lol! That's good, I haven't been in 13 years. But I do remember some people that had been "censurados" y "expulsados".

    Yeah, marked is a new concept for me too. Guess they didn't do much marking at mine, they wen't for swift action!

  • sd-7

    Believe it or not, the weird thing is, I'm pretty sure someone was "marked" in a public talk, of all things. As if a talk that's supposed to be aimed at the public is to be used for handling internal congregation affairs. Idiotic, to me.

    Either way, 'marking' is clearly used for stuff that isn't even mentioned in the Bible. I wonder if you can wear a brazen beard and get 'marked' for that? It goes to show how people are treated--guess it's the equivalent of putting you in solitary. You're still in prison, but the other inmates can't talk to you.

    Or is it the padded cell? I forget.


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    es "años", no "anos"! por favor!

    my "cousin in law" (if some relation like that exists) is "expulasado", and all my wifes family is pretty hardcore JW, elders and stuff. they don't talk to him. they have little contact with me since they noticed that i don't really care about "the truth" and since word got around half the globe that i am inactive and what not. tengo ganas de enseñarles la despertad! que dice que no hay que decidir entre la religion y la familia... perros chucos.

  • DagothUr

    DesirousOfChange may be right. I witnessed a marking talk, with no names mentioned, but I never saw the announcement: "Brother X is marked". Furthermore, the marked person was the one who enforced the restrictions: the brother in question refused to say the prayer once in a field service meeting, but we did not understood why. A few days later, we found out why: he was marked, the elders asked him to refrain from public prayers and from every other privileges and he was the one who was expected to refuse them politely. The marked one knows he has no privileges and must turn them down politely.

  • DagothUr

    Can anyone confirm if there is no marking announcement? I think the answer is in the "Organized to do Jehovah's will", but I'm not sure and I just sent all my literature to the recycling factory. I saved a tree this way and I have 0 regrets.

  • blondie

    (Official marking) They do not name anyone but give a general talk on the "sin" involved, a non-dfing sin.

    (Public Reproof) They announce by name that the individual has been publicly reproved but not the dfing sin. Some weeks later a general talk is given on their "sin."

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