Is The Governing Body Of Jehovah's Witnesses In Agony?

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  • metatron

    With every passing magazine and assembly, I ask myself, why?

    Why does the Governing Body care? The diatribes against college, against the internet and i-phones and vampire movies and afterschool sports and social networks and everything new, interesting or useful in the world, why? Why fight the loss of elders, the loss of youth, the loss of donations, or the malaise in congregations, generally?

    Why? An old, stubborn elder taught me why and it's simple - they cannot accept the humble conclusion THAT THEY WERE WRONG. They cannot believe that the WHOLE THING WAS FOR NOTHING. That the Organization they sacrificed everything for is nothing more than a footnote in human history, and soon to be forgotten. That THEY are soon to be forgotten, irrelevant. This is personal!

    This old elder left a lengthy statement that was read aloud at his funeral. It emphasized over and over to 'never give up the truth!' He got touched by some who gave up completely, feeling that the Organization was an utter waste of time and this, I believe, was his final response. He COULD NOT BE WRONG ABOUT ALL OF IT - and that tells me that we are witnessing a situation like Hitler in the bunker - or Mao Tse Tung in the Cultural Revolution - the same egotistical spirit, "I can't be wrong, I couldn't have wasted my whole life in this".

    I don't see that 'apostasy' has that great a practical effect on the Organization, at least directly. If the Governing Body reacts emotionally to the existence of 'apostates', then it is, indeed, emotional! We can't have been wrong!

    Will they exhaust themselves in this quest? Perhaps.......


  • stillajwexelder

    Ad all the while they can take an all expenses trip to Europe to give a talk - or a zone visit. They could ven get a trip to Hawaii if they so desired.

  • Eclectic

    I agree. It's totally over, in my opinion. It's emotional, 100% true. Impossible discussing a doctrinal matter with the elders. They always finish with the same statement: maybe you are right, but after all, it is the only true religion on earth today. Impossible fighting against that assumption based on feelings. As Ray Franz said and now I see it's true, we (I am included) are captives of a concept: the organization, our mother.

  • sir82

    I have a hunch that that thought haunts the dreams of more than a few Bethel heavies, not to mention a goodly number of COs & DOs.

    The higher up you are, and the more corruption, greed, and cynicism you note, the more you have to wonder.

  • Ding

    People at the top of a hierarchy often get way off course when they surround themselves with yes men.

    Think about Rutherford's 1925 failure, repeated by Fred Franz with the 1975 fiasco -- no checks and balances on either man and no accountability.

    How much worse is it when the leaders believe their own hype and have the power to ruin the lives of subordinates who might dare to question them?

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    I like you bringing up the emotional aspect of it. I'm not the kind of guy that looses sleep over someone disagreeing with me over a matter. If people want to burn crosses in the woods and pray to Valhalla, it doesn't bother me, matter fact I recomend they drink Heinekin while they're out there as its a good outdoors beer.

    The WT on the other hand, I'll never understand why they get so emotional over ones leaving or wanting to leave. Even the WT sympathizers that come on here, like DJEggnog, you'd think one of us raped his wife or something. It's crazy watching them gnash their teeth and get all angry. Then there's the relatives who get mad when someone leaves, and some of them have the audacity to even articulate that the one who leaves is selfish because he left them behind to continue on in the drudgery and without purpose lifestyle that the WT encourages. If they're in agony at the bottom of the organization, they're probably the same way at the top. It must eat at them and kill them that they're not taken seriously by nonJWs, and a good percentage of baptised JWs, especially amongst the youth, only pay them lip service, all the while conscious of the fact that its all nonsense.

  • satinka

    They are in agony only if they have a conscience.


  • punkofnice

    I don't know!

    I do feel though, with all their hate filled screaming about how evil 'apostates', 'internet' and other things are, they are pompusly strutting around their luxurious office, noses proudly in the air with overtones of anger and vitriol that they're BUSTED.

    Their lies, stupidity and propaganda are very easily deconstructed. Young ones are leaving and so are older ones (like me).

    This is the information age and their information just doesn't cut it.

    They are exposed and looking stupid................they refuse to admit it!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It seems to me that increasingly they're screaming into a void, raising the volume with each successive Kool-Aid WT ...

  • outsmartthesystem

    Personally I don't believe they are in agony. I think that the cognitive dissonance is SO great that they truly do believe they STILL have the truth.....and that the "end" is just around the corner....and that they are saving everyone (7million JWs) from themselves by putting the kibosh on internet, education etc.

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