Getting rid of the Book Study - a way to isolate the JW?

by skeeter1 35 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Alfred

    Skeeter... very interesting perspective...

    KH meetings are held in rows not in circles... you're so right.

    I also think they wanted to eliminate the opportunities for questions after the meeting... I know there were plenty of questions from me and others after the second round with the red Apocalypse book...

    The GB knows very well that opportunities for these questions are quite limited a KH environment... after the service meeting, for example, elders are too busy counting money, grading talks, and talking shop amongst themselves to be bothered with questions they can't even answer. So JWs who are on the fence tend to feel intimidated and prefer to simply head for the exit than to wait for an elder to break free (from his idle conversation with other elites or whatever they're doing for jehovah)... INFORMATION CONTROL... very well orchestrated by the WT...

  • AwareBeing

    Right Alfred. The earliest church found (see above link) featured seating in a circle, with no provenance to any man.

    But at the WT club hall, by the time we studied the "Revelation Climax Book' the third time;

    the anointed "stars" of Christ's brothers (the 24 elders), were turned into the local elders in Christ's hands!

    What prideful insolence! Truly there was no denying their apostasy from the truth by then!

    This shows their total rejection of Jesus brothers in their midst; hence, Jesus himself!

    Therefore they; like the man of lawlessness, impale Christ anew and make themselves the mediator before God!

    What insane lies, their deaths will be by the truly anointed who meet Jesus in heaven for the battle!

  • jookbeard

    how long before the WTS/GB decide to amalgamate the midweek meeting into the Sunday meeting due to the dwindling attendances it attracts, huge fuel costs in the western worlds, economic hardships etc, I reckon 4-5 years!

  • punkofnice

    Some 'book study groups' used to use the kingdum hells.

    Non use of the kingdom hells = lower bills = more cash for the leaders.

  • MrFreeze

    Another instance of WT flip flopping like a fish out of water. Five years ago the book study was THE most important meeting of the week. Then they got rid of it. Maybe they should flip flop on the other meetings too and get rid of them. Better yet, lets just disband the WT.

  • jookbeard

    funny thing is and a slight contradiction on my first post was that my last cong the Book Study was always extremely well attended compared to the MS/SM as a lot of the little old grannies could walk to the nearest house for the BS, but would swerve the MS/SM due to having a rely on public transport/lifts/cold etc.

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