Getting rid of the Book Study - a way to isolate the JW?

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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Funny reading that some of you liked the Book Study. Me personally, I friggin hated it LOL! I hated being in hot houses without air conditioning in the summer time, and one year as a kid I recall having the study in The Projects, which by the way, none of the white brothers and sisters in our congregation were ever put into that study group. Oh did it suck, the steps smelling like a combination of grease, stale air, pesticide, and urine. Crackheads acknowledging by your dress that, "yall's dem Jehovahs. My aunt's a Jehovah. Yall do a good thang. God bless yall." Lips all chapped, no deoderant, and hoping you left something valuable in your car to steal.

    Even when it was at comfortable locations, it still sucked coming home from school or work, and having to dress up just to sit somewhere for a whole hour going over the most redundent material, all of which by the way is considered old light. That means we wasted how many friggin years at the book study wasting our time? Jeez. Then some people never commented, so the conductor was stuck having pretty much to give an impromptu #4 talk in spurts between dead paragraphs which generated limited comments. Or there was one or two people, three at the most, who did all the commenting, and some would only raise their hand to read a scripture. Then there was always that one publisher who overstudied and was worst than a teacher's pet. Then there was the poor readers who sucked so bad, and because nobody wanted to embarrass them by letting a sister read instead, we all suffered while the brother struggled reading words like, Agape, or instead of saying "urinating on the wall" he said "errinating on the wall"-1 Sam 25:34. True story by the way and I may have just given myself away.

    But anyways, those days sucked, I don't miss them one bit. Getting rid of the book study as it was then was one of the greatest decisions in my opinion the WT ever made.

  • sabastious

    Goodies mean a lot to kids, a lot.

    But seriously, I can understand why you didn't like book studies, George.


  • journey-on

    Oh my goodness, NRFGeorge....I'm still laughing at your childhood memories.

    Mine are warm and fuzzy. As a kid, the study conductor assigned each of us kids something for the following week. Sometimes, he told us which scripture he was going to ask us to read. As a six or seven year old, that was a big deal, and we would read and re-read that scripture and wait with anticipation to be called upon to read it. Also, the book study was where I learned to recite all the books of the bible in order.

    I think the discontinuation of the book study was probably due to lawsuits against property owners, the pedophile issue, the headquarter's inability to keep control over extemporaneous discussions within a small friendly open venue, and lack of any good rich spiritual food to study. Wasn't the last book they studied something they studied before like two times?

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Goodies did mean a lot, and treat nights when there was normal inoffensive American food was great too. I hated Treat Nights when someone would bring something that made you go, "Ohh wow, ummm, Martha....that looks.....ummmm...just scrumptious. What is it by the way? Vinegared Beet Stew? Really?, Wow you'll have to share that recipe!"

  • AwareBeing

    The apostolic fathers meet in these small family groups where brotherly love flourished.

    The WT corp /cult has lost all legitimacy to any claims of being true worship.

    Please view these safe sites for information about authentic meeting places from the past.

  • Bella15

    @No room for George ... LOL!!! Funny funny funny.

  • the-illuminator81

    The book study was also the place where doubters could ask the elder a tough question with witnesses present. The less people to hear "wait on J to sort it out" the better. If you want to ask questions nowadays you'll have to do it in the backroom at the KH. Less opportunity for these tough questions to spiral out of control.

  • jookbeard

    probably very true what Viola said but the simple fact is in the developed Western nations Book Study attendances had dwindled , it's boring,pointless, the books that are studied are re-hashes and it's the first meeting people dump, with minus and zero growths in these nations as well it's clearly not working as a start off point for FS as well as publisher hour rates dwindle as well, The WTS dont know whats coming for them.

  • DaCheech

    I agree with Violia about the lawsuit happy society we have............. anyway instead of saving the "brotherhood" gas money, we are wasting more.

    now school children have to have longer meetings on school nights, in the process loosing time for homework and important rest.

    shame on them, and forget about the scripture that jesus said that his load was light!

    they are the anti-christ

  • Jack C.
    Jack C.

    When (date) did this transpire? Are the study nights now "free" or did something take it's place?

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