Interracial Marriage

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  • Quendi

    Let's see...

    Interracial marriage, shunning, the proper view of GLBT people, the value of higher education, pedophilia. This religion's views on these subjects shows the depths of its faithlessness and depravity.



    or should that be a

  • nugget

    When I was younger I remember an article that stressed the difficulty of inter racial marriage. It stressed the cultural differences in such a marriage and advised against it.

  • Mr Facts
    Mr Facts

    New Chapter, are u in?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was shocked when I learned as a child that Southern congregations were segregated. Believe it or not, I confronted the co at age eleven, I was not rebuked. They justified it by saying that it was the outside culture. Whites would never become Witnesses, otherwise. I immediately responded that we were integrated in the North (only true in part, de facto seg. was clearly evident) and that Jesus wanted us integrated. The adults changed the conversation.

    Even in New Jersey in the 1960s, my family would take trips to Greenwich Village. They drove the car around until they found an interracial couple. I never saw an interracial couple outside of Greenwich Village. We stared at them. Gross.

    After Loving, it took a long while for society to change. I walk around today and can't believe the difference. Paris or Greenwich Village.

    White people were angry. Later, when black power emerged, the anger was even stronger from the other side. I can't imagine any KH welcoming such a couple.--unless it was in Greenwich Village or Paris.

  • mynameislame

    Is it just me or was it alway more acceptable for a white guy to marry an asian woman?

    My first GF after leaving was black. Maybe it was some sort of rebellion.

  • garyneal

    I cannot speak for the Jehovah's Witnesses regarding these kinds of marraiges but I do recall a member of an IFB church that I use to attend speaking against interracial marriages when I had revealed to her that I was dating a black woman (I am white).

  • garyneal
    Is it just me or was it alway more acceptable for a white guy to marry an asian woman?

    I noticed that too growing up it was more acceptable to see asian-white or even asian-black than it was to see black-white.

  • wasblind

    I do know that interracial marriage was a crime in many states before 1964. If a jw were to marry someone of a different race the WTS did not try and overturn that law because "it did not interfere with the preaching work" pretty much the same reason that congregations and conventions were segregated then. I wonder how the WTS would have viewed jws that had married illegally during that time?

    Thank you for that post Blondie

    The WTS could care less bout the plight of Black folk durin' the Civil rights era , as long as it didn't interfere wit the preaching work

    I could slap a hard turd out of Sam herd , how can he stand for such an organization

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