Interracial Marriage

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  • Invetigator74

    A few years ago the work amongst the colored
    brethren of the United States was organized separately,
    not for the purpose of separating those who are
    in the Lord, but with the thought of rendering more
    efficient service amongst the colored people. The
    Lord’s blessing upon this effort shows that it was a
    wise course to take. The colored brethren have their
    own organized classes, and many class workers and
    colporteurs in the field. They have put forth a splen-
    did effort during the year past, and the results are
    The pioneer colporteurs in the field have placed

    1930 Yearbook pg 64

  • NewChapter

    Jack C said: Mighty shallow thinking if all you go by is a man made book. Kinda like me going by your goofy picture on the left

    Under the Radar is not being shallow. This is a book that claims to be inspired, and if this god is powerful, he allows the book to exist. I have looked at this book and found it full of evil and much more likely to be written by mere men with no deity involved. You would be irritated if I told you that shallow thinking leads you to believe in that god. For myself, it was only very deep thinking that freed me of that horrible book and god.


  • NewChapter

    Investigator asked: What Watchtower was this little tibit from?

    July 15, 1902 Watchtower. Here is the link. There is much more there. I recommend everyone spend some time on JWfacts! It is well formatted and full of information exposing the org from its own literature.

  • mouthy

    The blacks never were allowed to sit with the whites
    they had to sit in the balcony,because God made them to be servants to the whites
    that is what the WT taught at one time. I picketed the assembly a few weekends ago
    it was many many blacks there, A black brother came to speak to me Of course the
    elders were watching him like a hawk( a white man came also)he asked me to prove
    what we were saying about the black teaching by the WT,,,The man that was with me
    had all the OLD books, wt,that had anything to say about this teaching..He showed it to them

    Imagine the brothers shock,I could see he was very upset by it. I think he felt better when I
    told him my daughter a JW married a black man, my grandson married a black girl,

    my grand daughter has a black child ( an oops)so in our family we could play checkers,
    blacks on one side whites on the other.He was very upset when I told him they were still
    jws & mustnt talk to me ,because I didnt see Jesus come invisably in 1914....
    Mary your right in one aspect. BUT!!!!! thei was suppossed to BE GODS TRUE ORGANIZATION.
    & MY understanding of GODS teachings he loves us ALL BLACK,WHITE ,Yellow ETC: "NOT TO

    Mouthy's 2 cents

  • Jack C.
    Jack C.

    Newchapter, that's precisly what I mean. "The book claims it's inspired?" The book is just a book! You certainly don't believe everything a book "says" do you? the book "says whatever the translator, preacher, priest or any dubius charactor want's it to say. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, it's just that there is SO much more to evaluate than one ancient book of dubius origin. The book is the bathwater, don't throw in the baby too. THAT God is not the one all tell all.

  • NewChapter

    Okay, so I get to decide who this god is, in my own mind and through my own experiences. Without a guide, I get to create him. And if others don't jump on, they are shallow!

    Create whatever god you like--but don't make the mistake that shallow thinking leads one to reject such a god. On the contrary, it generally takes a great deal of deep thinking and research to conclude there is no god.


  • Snoozy

    When we had the teens over to our house for fun, a few of them black, we were later taken aside and told that we can associate with them at the hall but not in public as it may stumble someone..

    We continued to associate with them anyway. It didn't help when one of the black teen boys got a while teen girl pregnant..

    Since she was a elders daughter neither got disfellowshipped just marked so to speak..


  • NewChapter

    I saw a lot of predudice among the R&F. I often found myself shielding a young woman that I cared about, because "well-meaning" white sisters felt free to criticize her speech and braids anytime they wanted to. She had great grammar, but when her guard was down, a bit of slang would slip out. but that was okay---they were right on top of it for her benefit.

    I remember a CA, the CO gave a talk on how we presented ourselves. His 2 big points were to make a big deal over the aks/ask issue, and to talk about weaving unnatural colors into women's hair. The white people received no council during that talk. It was one of the most racist talks I ever heard.


  • jam

    When I served where the need is great, an Native

    American and I became very close. I beleive A article was

    written about him in one of the publication, but for

    sure the story was in the news paper. He was the

    next chief, but he turn it down because he became

    A JW. He made it clear his daughters will marry A

    Native American, at least to me. We had many private

    conversation, and I coudl tell he still harbor some racism

    against the white man. He was A elder.

  • NewChapter

    I think I remember that story! Didn't he have some information that was passed on to him verbally regarding some rites of the tribe and he refused to tell them? Something like that. Whatever it was it ended with him cuz he had found the troof, and the knowledge was pagan.


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