If they really are expecting the end so soon...

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  • WTWizard

    You hear the witlesses harping on how great tribulation is coming. There are signs even in the world that major bedlam is soon to break out.

    So then, how many witlesses did you know that have plans to make such tribulation a bit more endurable? You know, things like gold and silver in case their currency becomes worthless. Do they know how to take care of even basic projects so they don't need to rely on others when it becomes too costly? And, their emergency kits at home are pathetic.

    I hear "Trust in Jehovah" too often. Usually, though, they do not have basic supplies on hand. Flashlights? I am expecting major issues with blackouts, and more so if there is a Great Tribulation (in my case, I am expecting a EPA-sponsored fake energy crisis to result in more rolling blackouts once coal plants are shut down). Most witlesses will have one flashlight, sometimes 2 (or more, if you count the ones that don't work). They may or may not have working batteries in them--if they have cleaning businesses, they might have working flashlights used for such businesses. But, do they have enough spare batteries? What about quality lanterns and rechargeable batteries? I doubt that, in a congregation of 100 witlesses, you are going to find even one householder with ample lanterns that can use rechargeable batteries and enough batteries to last them 10 years of rolling blackouts.

    Another "Trust in Jehovah" issue I see too much of is investments. True, I would hesitate to invest in dollar denominated assets. But, there are other choices. Commodities come to mind, particularly precious metals. The Swiss franc is the safest paper currency to invest in. Yet, most witlesses do not have the funds--one idiot I know got $200 I returned to him (it was stashed in something he sold to me, and I returned it) only to throw it all into the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund box. I also see people with little means stuffing that box with $20 bills, at that at a time when they were worth something. Another pio-sneer couple would accumulate a little money, then take a trip to Kentucky to work where the need is greater. Still another cut way back on their means of living so they could pio-sneer. None of these are going to be able to actually invest anything.

    Skills? What skills? Most witlesses barely know how to change a standard light bulb. I wonder how many of them can change their own oil in their car and not dump the oil into the water system. True, some can wash their own windows and do their own cleaning. But, that is going to do no good if they need to actually repair something. Supposing they have a leaky faucet that needs a new washer, or its existing washer regreased. Could the average witless actually do it? Or actually fix anything? I got a TV that one refurbished, and it was fairly new. He probably cleaned it up a bit (it was put out for the trash). But, that did nothing about the fault. I had problems with a noisy volume control (and those are simple to fix) and channel buttons that returned random values when you push them. I use "03" most--because cable and VCRs use channel 3 input. I type in "03", and every number except "0" comes up for 0. When I finally get the "0" to work, more often than not the "3" returns every digit except 3. That does not show expertise in fixing things--just being able to clean them up a bit.

    Never mind other items. If things get as bad as they claim, they are going to have to do a lot of work themselves. Suit dry cleanings will be self-done, or they will have to wash them themselves. They will have to make their own clothing and repair it. They will have to do their own haircuts--witlesses are notorious for wasting money getting their hair cut to close tolerances, and yet they refuse to invest in equipment to do it themselves. They are going to have to be their own doctors for minor problems, and probably they will have to learn the basics of dentistry so they won't be going every time they need their teeth cleaned. How many witlesses are actually able to cope with all this?

    I am afraid that, if their Great Tribulation ever did show up, the witlesses would be up sxxx creek without a paddle, and soon. Most lack supplies for even a storm-related blackout, let alone regular rolling ones. Most of them have few marketable skills beyond cleaning things, operating (not repairing) machines to clean things, or waiting on tables (as long as there is no birthday or holiday event). No gold or silver, no emergency supplies, and no practical skills means they are not going to get through their Great Tribulation, or even the problems of a world threatened by the One World Totalitarian Government. And Jehovah is not going to help them--he already helped Tyrant David and numerous others in the past, so he "doesn't need to help you" now.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    First of all, Jay Hofer will protect them through the Great Tribulation no matter what. Magic light, food and blankets included. That's not the main problem however - magic will solve that, I likewise have problems with the way they claim that they will be the only ones left and that the RBC will handle all building projects.

    - 60% of JW's are women but that depends heavily on area. I went to a party the other day and in that congregation, 80% of the young people were female. Given that many on this board are male and most of the currently doubting JW's are male and given that we'll all be destroyed, maybe they'll need situations like the Mormons to satisfy everybody's needs.

    - The RBC is a f*ing nightmare to deal with. Designed by committee a lot of halls are not built to last more than 10 years. They take forever to plan anything (months, sometimes years) and a 'Quick Build' means that the building appears finished but for months afterwards electricians, electronics engineers, plumbers, carpenters and moisture control technicians need to replace and repair about 10-20% of the building because it is done wrong. I am an electric engineer and I would say 70% of the halls I see are a fire hazard with haphazard single wires laying across crawl spaces, speaker and microphone wires crossing lights with ballasts (wonder why you hear hums and cracks in your sound system?), wire nuts in the middle of a wall (someone ran out of wire eh?)

    - A Quick Build is done over the weekend because then the structure can't be inspected by (usually lazy) week-day city inspectors but I have heard on 2 or 3 projects 'worldly husbands' that are in the trade (rough building) say that the buildings are not up to code or that the way they are built is not solid. One of them was a mason and he said: "this close to an airfield, you have to let your cement dry a lot longer and lay it thinner - you're using people that never layed a brick in their life and they're slapping the cement on too thick - you won't be able to just build a frame on top of that the same day". Sure enough, the masonry "settled" by the end of the project and cracked, 2 years later it started requiring concrete injections which closed the gaps between the outside bricks and the inside bricks and thus caused massive moisture problems. If you could calculate how many volunteer man-hours are spent and how much that would actually cost if you had to hire somebody you would be amazed.

    - Agriculture is HARD. Given that most Witnesses live in urban areas and how much farmland in the US has never seen a Witness I wonder how they will be at all their meetings, conventions etc. if even the Bible says God's people had to work every day for more than 12 hours were it not for their Sabbath. Besides that, crops these days require engineers and large farms require a small town to support themselves (fuel, maintenance, building materials, tools, ...). 7 million Witnesses are dispersed over so much land that you would have to collect at least several congregations in order to support a single farm. In farming areas, currently all meetings are literally collected in a single meeting during the harvest season and 50% doesn't show up anyway. That's how farming is done in real life, your backyard garden won't support you for very long.

  • clarity

    Anony mous ...........so very true.

    I thought this so many times. Most are unprepared for the smallest power outage, bridge tie up or traffic jam. A garden is not valued ....takes too much time away from d2d field selling service! They are just thinking that Safeway will always provide!

    For the great destruction that is to come .... where is the preparation, where are the directions for your personal caretaking, for the children(oh guess they forgot about them!), for the diabetics, the blind etc.

    If you didn't know it already ...something smells very fishy here!

    Shouldn't extra clothes & "sturdy"shoes, - gum boots, as the blood will be running high, be a must! Maybe they have lots of rubber gloves and thigh high boots at bethel to last for many years????

    Funny, J is preparing all those NewYork buildings ahead of time & country clubs for the upper crust but for the average joe ... no plan at all. Oh ya, trust the GB. hahahahahaaha ha aha.

    Even if they're wrong!


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Yes, is SOOOOO close!

    Yeah right. Thats why my now EX study teacher has just started her business online selling antique cups and teapots and wanted me to go into business with her.....I asked her "Why would you spend all that time, money and effort on this business if the end is so close??"

    She said there was nothing in the bible to say Jah would dissaprove because she was keeping up with her FS.........she didnt actually answer my question.


  • AnneB

    During my time as a JW were were told (via Awake! articles, mostly) not to stockpile anytihng (except maybe a couple of extra cans of coffee, no joke!) because people would just carry it off anyway once they figured out JW's were prepared. Strong emphasis was placed on reliance on Jehovah to provide.

    In more recent years there have been stories about government-prepared internment camps just waiting to be filled with JW's, in which case the government would act as host, providing food, shelter, and clothing. The scripture used to support this line of reasoning was the one that says they (the worldly people) are bread to us.

    Long ago I met a PO and his wife who were spending a lot of money on exotic plants for their garden. One of the most expensive plants wasn't even expected to bloom for another 17 years! I asked how they could justify the expenditure and they said only the wicked people were leaving, the earth would still be around, so it was OK to build and to plant while at the same time expecting The End to arrive any day. I suppose WT thinks along the same lines; they're still building. Wouldn't it make good sense to distribute the money they've collected among the publishers so that they could work at the full time ministry right up to The End?

    The way I see it, rolling blackouts and lack of basic skills aren't going to be the biggest problems. I don't want to be in the city when the toilets no longer flush!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    20+ years ago my mom was stockpiling gallons of bottled water in the event of the GT. I guess we would have made through by drinking vast amounts of English breakfast tea or something...

  • punkofnice

    If the end WERE imminent they wouldn't be planning A$$€m ? £ i€$ in advance.

    They wouldn't be moving the operation to Canada.

    They'd clean up their act so Jar Hoover won't murder them for protecting paedophiles.....for accepting shares in businesses you'd be shunned for if you worked at them.....and..........................

    ...............they wouldn't have invented the hilarious 'overlapping' lie to acccount for not having to 'stay alive in '75.

    In short the filthful indiscreet slavedriver would be on their knees in abject fear apologising to us all and grovelling to God like never before!!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    This was the reasoning for not stockpiling or preparing for the future as I understood it...

    Luke 17:31 On that day no one who is on the roof of his house, with his goods inside, should go down to get them. Likewise, no one in the field should go back for anything.

    Mark 13:5 Let no one on the roof of his house go down or enter the house to take anything out.

    Mark 13:16 Let no one in the field go back to get his cloak.

    I am curious....do they stock pile or prepare at the bethels?

    And...do they build their houses and kingdom halls out of brick so that the big bad wolf won't blow them down....

  • jookbeard

    not that I have any interaction with Dubs at all these days, but even if the end is nigh their own littertrash foretells when the "Governments turn on them and all false religion" and they have never had it so good especially in the liberal ruled government's of the Western World , this particular prophecy if it was ever to happen is many decades away.

  • d

    I wonder that also.

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