How many meetings does a JW attend in a week?

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  • highdose

    i think the real question is how many do they actualy attend? in my cong it was rare for a family to make it to all three per week. Don't know what they do now that its only two

  • MrFreeze

    They claim that there are two meetings on Sunday and three meetings on the other night. How come they never said things like "are you going to be at the meetings today?" They always put a singular spin on it. I just find that odd.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think they now only take attendance counts one time for each meeting, that is.........once on Sunday........once on Wednesday (or whatever day it is).

  • slimboyfat

    They always used to say that the so-called five meetings were like your four fingers and thumb. You need to grip with your whole hand to the truth or else you will not hold on. Going by that analogy, now that they got rid of the Tuesday book study I guess that must mean a lot of Witnesses are losing their grip.

  • straightshooter

    They have TOO many meetings.

  • jwfacts
    "are you going to be at the meetings today?"

    Good Point MrFreeze. Saying 5 meetings is just spin.

    Gayle - I think (not positive) it is now 1:45 midweek and 1:30 on the weekend, so the total is now only 3:15 hrs.

    Thanks for all the responses. That clears it up, anyway as much as is possible within the constraints of how the Watchtower likes to term things in such unrealistic ways.

  • steve2

    By their reasoning, each week I have on average 21 evening meals. Yes people: 21: Appetiser, the Main course and Dessert.

    The Witnesses know perhaps better than most that, if you break anything down into its component parts, you nicely create the wrong impression. And impressions are everything in a religion that emphasizes works.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    jwfacts, regarding the count that is taken at the meetings, as far as I know, it is only done twice a week now.

    I don't recall if there was a letter from the society, but while I was still a MS in the congregation I attend, all the elders and MSs were told that starting last September, on the days of PT and Watchtower study, the count would only be taken during the study. And for the night of the CBS, TMS, and SM, the count would be taken 20 min. after the begining of the CBS.

    Supposedly, it was to simplify matters. It would seem now though with the change, that one meeting average can't bring down the whole average attendance for all the meetings because the count is being taken once and after about the time when even the normal late comers have arrived and taken their seats. Higher numbers = higher average.

    Can anyone else confirm what I just wrote, via a letter or being told the same thing at their hall?


  • RayPublisher

    CoC - Yeah you are correct. Count is taken twice on midweek meeting nights, and twice on Sunday, 15-20 minutes into the BG, and then after the next major meeting 15 minutes into it.

  • Quarterback

    Let's see now. We have 21 meals a week. If we break that down to days, it works out to 3 meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. Sometimes I sneak in a 4th one because of my pizza addiction.

    I noticed that they also consider the Field Service as a Meeting for Field Service, too. So.....oh it's so confusing ..I like Straight Shooters comment. We have too many meetings.

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