What to say when a jw says that all bibles are the same.

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  • Joey Jo-Jo
  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Dont know what happened there.

    Anyway, so your bored, jw's knock on you door and you have a kjv bible hanguing around, if you are aware of the differences this should at least show them that not all bibles are all the same.... If John 1:1 was not enought.


  • IsaacJ22

    I've never had a Witness tell me that all Bibles are the same. Things might be different in your neck of the woods than here. Either that, or this is something that has changed since I was a JW.

    Most JW's I knew seemed to believe the NWT was vastly superior and judged other Bibles by that standard. Around here, many know some of the KJV's flaws by heart and are ready to quote them to people they meet at the door. JKV is very popular, at least around here, so they have to do this when the KJV contradicts the NWT.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    @IsaacJ22:Thats interesting considering they used the kjv before changing to the NWT, perhaps it would be strange not to notice the obvious change of bible tone (dont worry its just new light ***sarcasm**). Here they say that the kjv is just as good, I recall a discourse of a "brother" recounting a field service day which he spoke to someone that believe he had the best bible (KJV) to refutte jw's and then the "brother" said back "That's great it's just like ours!". I also kept hearing that all bibles are the same and do not contradict. My book study was conducted by an ex-roman catholic who also said that all bibles are the same (but not the maccabees and the other extra books) but perhaps this is not a central view, that its said here by many but unknowingly not a view supported by the men in brooklyn, I dont know. I over heard an elder saying after the meeting about some bible following some agenda but that about it. But there is the idea among jw's here that the NWT is superior but not different. But I could be wrong.

    Excluding John 1:1 it also lists most of the major changes between the Westcott & Hort (Alexandrian) texts (NWT/NIV/NASB) and the textus receptus (KJV).

  • designs

    Have somebody read that citadel of liturature the KJV

  • punkofnice
  • InterestedOne

    In my encounters with JW's, I've found that sometimes they say all Bibles "say basically the same thing," and other times they say the NWT is the best translation. I think what they say depends on what impression they are trying to give. For recruitment purposes, if they are trying to use the general sense of respect that many people still have for the Bible, they will try to give the impression that JW's are "just Bible students." Nevertheless, I recall reading, I think in the OD book, that JW's are taught to direct people to the NWT. Therefore, they are trying to give two impressions: 1) all Bibles say "basically" the same thing, and 2) the NWT is the best translation.

  • IsaacJ22

    It's often the differences between congregations that interest me the most--certainly more than the similarities.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    In my dated day, the worst Bible was the Catholic Douay. All others were translations were horrid and evil. The King James Version was not as bad as a Catholic bible but darn close. We were so grateful we had the NWT from Jehovah's very lips to Freddie Franz' pen. The rank and file never knew about Franz. You had to have a certain level of sophistication and inner Bethel knowledge. If you possessed those elements, it was obvious. The committee was secret I believe. The long-term Witnesses of what was a relatively small group back then were placing food bets on the third or fourth brother.

    My memory is messed up. Was there a Greek brother, Gangas, something similar phonetically? Two of the top secret members had everyone's agreement. These was some discussion after those two.

    I was only a kid. The discussion was boring.

    Does anyone know the preferred translation before the NWT? I recall family members having different translations but I could be wrong.

  • HappyDad

    Go to Randy's Freeminds sight and print copies of who was on the translating committeeof the NWT. They had no Biblical "historical" or "language" knowledge at all but change the Bible to make the JW religious beliefs seem as if it was a God ordained organization. Now the average JW will say that since it came from the internet, it is lies spread with the demons behind it. Go figure! But then again.....I as well as thousands of others thought the same way at one time. How great to be free!


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