Fury after reading Watchtower article for this week

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  • punkofnice

    Paul set a fine example for Christian elders. (Is this secretly presupposing that the JWs version of the elder arrangement is supported by the Bible & Paul?) Though he was an apostle and could have been “an expensive burden” on Christians in Thessalonica, he did not “eat food from anyone free.” Rather, he ‘labored and toiled night and day.’ (Then why dont many C/Os pay for their lodgings and food when a JW gives them hospitality on their visit? If they do I have NEVER seen this before! Normally the congregation votes on how much to give him out of the contributions from publishers.) (2 Thess. 3:8) Many (weasel word) present-day elders, (Openly presupposing that the JWs version of older men is the same as in the Bible. Following on, if this is true then we are being baited into believing all other arrangements are true to the Bible, including JCs, protecting paedophiles etc etc) including those (All? Some? A few? How many in 100?) who are in the travelling work, set a fine (typical WTB$ wording, possibly an example of loaded language) example in this regard. (See above) Although they accept hospitality from fellow believers, they do not “put an expensive burden” upon anyone.(Differentiate between expensive burden and no [email protected]!!)—1 Thess. 2:9. (Proof text to again imply the JW version of things is Bible based……’..preached the good news from God!’’ They mean from the WTB$)

  • zeroday*

    I never saw the CO’s as a burden. Sure all their expenses are covered for them and perhaps someone throws them a buck or two for their own personal expenses but think of all they sacrifice. They are usually a couple completely devoted to the WTS cause often forsaken children and family, living and working in a different congo every week. And you know they have no retirement waiting for them unless they are of means or have family to help them. So no I don’t think it’s overboard.

    I attended a worldly funeral last week in a nondenominal church. Great pastor and service but the wife of the deceased felt it necessary to give a $200 dollar donation to the pastor for his services…I don’t know if it went to him or the church but it would seem to me he is already compensated by the church for his services and it’s a very large mega church…

  • Eclectic


    That's not the point. We are not discussing if they sacrifice this or that or if it is expensive or not to maintain them. Simply, they DO NOT follow Paul's exemple about being economically INDEPENDENT. A non-independent person is a burden on the state, family, society or whatever, even if it is light or heavy. Paul accomplished his duty visiting the congregations and managed to work at the same time, why aren't they able to do so? That's because I think that paragraph is not sincere.

  • zeroday*

    Then you can probably say that about almost all CO’s, priests, pastors etc…

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Paul is going on his usual sales pitch as to why he is a apostle and better than the James/Peter group in Jerusalem. Evidently, the general rule was that apostles were supported. I recall reading one scholar saying Paul may have only worked in certain cities. We don't his arrangements with other local churches.

    I've read extensively concerning the history/culture/politics of this period. Never have I encountered anything remotely suggesting that Paul made prayer shawls. He did something else besides tent making, did he not? I read a wide variety of sources, proPauline and antiPauline to get a grasp on the plausible outside of church tradition, writing scripts in scripture. My sources could be incorrect or incomplete. Could you please explain the prayer shawl idea in more detail.

    I don't see what is negative about prayer shawls. Are you inferring that Paul who preached the Hebrew scriptures completely fulfilled was helping Jewish religion traditions? My guess would be that Jesus, James, Peter, the whole bunch including Judas used prayer shawls. I have no clue whether Greeks and Romans did also.

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