Lifesaving Work

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  • sabastious

    The Jehovah's Witness field ministry is a life-transforming work. It is up to personal opinion to determine whether or not that transformation is a positive or negative one. There are possitive things that come out of conversion from the door to door ministry. Many people give up self destructive habbits because they believe they have an eternal resume to start polishing. Unfortunately, in the long term, no one can solve their own problems for the wrong reasons.


  • WTWizard

    Serving Jehovah whole-souled is the sure way to a life of joy, satisfaction, and countless blessings.

    Hardly. I found it a sure fire way to a life of frustration, stagnation, and countless maledictions. I have seen pio-sneers out there struggling to get up every morning, and then having to stay out in field circus despite not feeling like being out there. Endlessly working the same damn streets, finding the same people not home, finding most people not interested, and finding most people that take the rags difficult to find again or bumbling along with a study without progressing are normal. This is far from satisfying.

    And the aggravation of it all. There is never enough time to do personal things. What if the roof leaks, your house needs painting, or your car needs preventive maintenance to prevent a major breakdown? At the same time, you are 15 hours behind on your time and "need to be out in field circus". What gives? Take care of the need, and "Satan has just won that battle". Go out in field circus, and something even worse will happen because you put off a minor problem and now you have a major one. People are also always worn out, lending itself to getting sick more. I have seen more witlesses getting more colds and flus, partially attributable to being run down (and partially to going from door to door, where these things are lurking) among the witlesses than in the world.

    Is the end result worth it all? During the 1980s, some have brought 5 or 6 people into the cancer. How many of those are still in? Since 1996, the number of recruits has imploded. They waste all that time and gas to get zero people in, a few rags placed only to have the householder cross-reference it and destroy them, and mostly not interested and not home. And they personally suffer impoverishment in more ways than one. They waste all their money-earning time pio-sneering, plus all the money they do make in field circus. I saw people that would spend time making a thousand or so toilet papers, only to waste them on one trip to Kentucky on a "where the need is greater" tour (where nothing gets done). They find so many opportunities to make a reasonable living pass them by because of pio-sneering. They trust in Jehovah, only to end up destitute when they reach retirement age.

    Is that "fulfillment"?

  • moshe

    After 100 years of WT preaching, the public still hasn't a clue what the core message of the WT religion is- they just know that JWs are weird people.

  • startingover

    Open Mind

    Great post! I will have to use that next time.

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