Why So Many Young People Are Leaving The Watchtower

by Jeremy C 140 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • metatron

    This is an excellent, well written post. Sadly, I'm not sure it matters.

    Sure, they lose most kids - and often treat them like so much wasted spawn - but a few losers come back, largely out of necessity. They return with lousy jobs, bad marriages and go back to Mom for help. Add to that the immigrants they snag, and they keep growing, although at a reduced rate.

    Contributions suck but there's enough real estate to sell to keep them building recreational facilities for many years to come.

    And then there's the utter lack of embarrassment in this cult to contend with. Lose most kids? Cry a little and forget them. No charity? Preaching is everything. 130 years of prophetic failure? Yeah, but this time, Armageddon is really close.

    I often think, you might as well try to cure cancer.


  • wobble

    Welcome back Jeremy C, as insightful as ever I see !

    Will you stop giving the WT ideas ! If they can entrap youngsters beyond their mid-twnties they often hold on to them.

    I agree that here we can be a support to any that leave, of whatever age, and can show them that a great, fun life awaits once you have left the WT.

    I look forward to more posts from your good self Sir !

  • Pistoff
    That is why for the past year or so the Society has been pushing hard the 'Family Worship' program in an attempt to stem the tide. Sadly many C.O.s have expressed concern saying that 60% or more of JW families are not having 'family worship' night.

    The family worship night issue is just another example of the utter failure of imagination and leadership.

    The concept of a family worship night came after the announcement of the end of the bookstudy arrangement. OK, I know, it is still a 'meeting', but it is sandwiched in and shortened.

    The whole point of the bookstudy meeting was that it was usually in small homes; it was the favorite meeting of every person I knew. You might get a sour location sure, but you might get that rare gem: the bookstudy where EVERY week there was snacks, treats, coffee and fellowship after.

    The bookstudy was VITAL, the GB said, because it was a micro congregation; this was the group you would go to when we were persecuted.

    And of course, though they never said this, the bookstudy at a private home was most similar to the early 'households' of faith, the earliest congregations of Jesus' followers.

    THEN they just dump the meeting, including in the termination notice the fact that gas prices were high. What?? What about all those sacrifices people made to attend meetings in Africa, the outback? They walked for miles one way to get to meeting. So here in the US gas prices rise to not even what it costs in Canada or Europe, and now we dump the meeting?

    Later they talk about the fact that it will free up one night in overused halls around the US; NOW we get the real reason.

    And then even later they tell us to use the night for 'family worship'.

    The termination was mishandled from beginning to end, they fibbed about why they were doing it, and the family worship night was flogged as being the reason they did it.

    Why didn't they take some time before they made the move, and trumpet the family worship night as the reason?

    Because they completely lack imagination and leadership qualities.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Why are so many young people leaving?
    Because information these days is easily attainable, they find the real truth, then it spreads like wild fire.

  • DaCheech


    if they cared about gas, they would of terminated the school/service meeting; where people travel more miles to get to!

    what a bunch of schleppos

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I've been disfellowshipped since I was 23 years old ( I'm 26 now ), and I say the problems lay with the local congregations. The problem are lack of programs, love, backstabbing, and gossip.

  • man in black
    man in black

    what an excellent post, you bring up some really pointed, and true comments !

    I esp. like your comment about the resturant that only serves bland food, and then blames the customers, this is something

    that I will share with other people.

  • Giordano

    And Yet...........When I was a witness during my high school years it was definitely because of the younger witnesses'. We would go out after meetings for soft drinks or pizza and talk and laugh. Darn it if they hadn't been around I would never have gotten so involved. Teens always find a way to be teens. But being DF, excluded from your peers........ was frightful. Our rebellions in those less restrictive times were numerous but minor. Later, living in an area where the need was great, married (we will celebrate our 48th anniversary this year) We purposely drifted towards 'casual' witnesses who had other interests. Eventually we were able to relocate and we left the religion. No more meetings no more door to door. Last night my wife and I were sitting on our porch when two young Mormons spotted us and started to go into their spiel. I interrupted and told them I wasn't interested. They were filled with the holy spirit and wanted to know why.....I told them I didn't like cults. They bristled and I had to smile. "Your lucky," I said to them, "You only have to put up with this crap for two years".

  • Pig

    there are so many reasons to leave

    so many different ways to leave

    One that I think is important, is that kids bond with their class mates, they spend years with them growing up and getting to know each other. Sooner or later they will realise that their mates often accept them for who they are. If they make a mistake it's like "no worries, I've dont lots of stupid stuff too". Make a mistake as a JW and it can often remain in the backs of the minds of the whole cong, possibly it goes on your file. You will be deemed less worthy as a human being.

    But maybe a JW kid has no relationship with worldly kids. Often these types of kid will become a bit recluse, you know, the type that spend all day on the internet. Maybe they have more time to become intelligent. Need I say more.

    For me personally, I just never felt it in my heart. Like, I would pray and all that, but i just failed to see any real evidence of god effecting my life or shaping the JW org for that matter. I felt like an outsider then and I still feel like one now. And thank goodness i am that type of person. I dont want to fit into a sick cult, nor do i want to fit perfectly into worldly society, I'm a bit of a punk kid

  • watson

    Jeremy, your post really hit home.

    After reading what others have said, I guess there are benefits having a paid clergy?

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