I can not beleive it came out of my mouth, it shock the JW.

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  • Glander

    I think that your reaction reflected your feelings about the situation at that moment and no one has the right to second guess you.

    I have found myself in similar situations. I have resisted the temptation to "sucker punch" some poor soul who is doing exactly what I did many years ago. I will take the lit and wish them a good day. If only they knew, tsk, tsk,

    On the other hand I have had encounters with JWs that hit me 'wrong'. Maybe a cosmic collision of personality and my own mood. I will blister the paint off their car as they escape.

  • yrkdnme

    LMAO Leto

  • cameo-d

    Good that you did not accept any of the poison food from the WT table. You should always look at it as having absolutely NO benefit to you, not to even line the bird cage. Next time quote the scripture that says "Quit touching the unclean thing" and let them know that's why you will not take their rag.

  • sabastious

    There's really no point in holding your tongue. They will demonize ex members no matter what happens so it's nice to get a few shouts out. No harm done, imo.


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