I can not beleive it came out of my mouth, it shock the JW.

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  • jam

    This morning the wife and I out for our morning walk. Our

    little quiet city (Monrovia CA) the residents will often walk

    down town(just A few blocks). It nice with people eating

    out on the sidewalks and window shopping. This was

    around 8 am. I notice A man approaching a couple

    walking in our direction. I knew instantly he was A JW.

    He approach us, before he could say A word I tild him

    no thanks, my wife reach for the WT and I told her

    we do not need any more trash or garbage in our house.

    He look at me and my wife also, she told me later, she could

    not beleive I said that. My God, these people bug you

    at your homes and now when you are having A nice

    morning walk they are bugging you. Give me A break.

  • Leto

    I would have politely accepted and thanked him for the free bird cage lining. :)

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Good for you!

  • jam

    Leto: I didn,t thank of that, I was so angry. For A

    block or so he walk behind us. We came to A stop

    light and he stood behind us. You know when you

    can feel someone staring at you, I looked around and

    he was looking dead at me, dam nut case.

  • jam

    Sorry Iam so upset , I did not think of that is what I

    ment to say. Hell I was tired from walking, I didn,t

    won,t to hear " Give your life Real Meaning" How? July 1

    Watchtower. Damm,t my life have real meaning now, you


  • zoiks

    Maybe he took it personally. I did, sometimes, depending on how the person reacted to my presentation. Then I would reassure myself of the fact that I was right and they were wrong and someday, someday...they'd find out the hard way.

    He'll get over it.

  • serenitynow!

    Jam, you did the right thing. You do not want to allow that poison in your home.

  • nugget

    There may have been more tactful ways to refuse but this made the point and you said what you truly felt. Your honesty affected him deeply who knows this may irritate him for some time.

  • highdose

    i find it creepy that he followed you! maybe he suspected that you were apostate? But then i can't what good following you would do for that?!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    You were not rude. This was not a social interaction. What if he were selling midget cars for $1 billion! I critique products all the time. Often, the sales people at the more upscale places thank me for the feedback. Do you know how much that costs in focus groups?

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