Universal Sovereignty

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  • wobble

    I wonder why Satan was confined to the vicinity of the Earth in Revelation ?

    Is it because there is a planet somwhere in the Universe where love and peace abounds, and all live by the Golden Rule ?

    A loving God would not want to see that corrupted would He ?

  • factfinder

    Does anyone else remember the g issue that discussed life on other planets? It mentioned that there can be no intelligent life on other planets because Christ died once for all time. Since Jehovah never changes and his way of salvation was to send Christ, no one sinned prior to Adam & Eve. But since Jehovah never changes and used humans as his witnesses, if there were intelligent physical beings elsewhere, on another planet, He would have used them to testify to the rightfulness of his sovereignty and thus there would be no need for the matter to be settled on earth. But since it is being settled on earth, there are no intelligent physical beings anywhere other than earth.

    I think the g issue came out in 1980 or 81? Does anyone else remember this?

  • Diest

    Well based on the fact that Jehober can only keep 37% of his born-ins around I say Satan has won this fight. Does that mean Satan wins the prize? Only seems fair that he gets to keep the earth.

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