How do you feel about not seeing your dead loved ones again?

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  • highdose

    it always felt rather unatural the thought of seeing people who had been dead for years. How would they come to terms with the huge passage of time that had passed? How would they be able to cope with the fact that their family had probably hugely changed since they had died. Family dymanics would have changed and a whole new history would now be informing the family that they had nothing to do with.

    Thats before you moved on to the issue of how did you explain that they had been dead for years and now where alive. And how would you explain that they weren't in heaven at all but somewhere totaly different?

    And then theres the issue of their own spouse, who apparently they weren't allowed to be with anymore. They could only be freinds, and you can bet that the elders would be watching them like hawks to stop any "loose conduct"!

    Since becoming an atheist i have felt great peace with the idea that my dead realitives and freinds have simply become part of the vast and unending circle of life. As will i....

  • dm6

    You will see your loved ones again, in heaven or hell amen.


  • talesin

    Since becoming an atheist i have felt great peace with the idea that my dead realitives and freinds have simply become part of the vast and unending circle of life. As will i....

    Me, too.


    Edit to add: "Remember, Luke, the force will be with you .... always." They are with me, always ... in my heart.

  • irondork

    I don't have dead loved ones. I don't even have alive loved ones.

    Compliments of the Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society.

    I have a really cool cat though. His name is Jack-Jack.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Not unduly distressed by this prospect!

    In this as in many other things, I can handle it - as long as I know the truth.

    i.e. I would rather know that they are gone for good, than be kidded along by some crackpot idea that I was going to see them again:

    - only to see that turn to custard (like everything else the WTS promised).


  • ssn587

    devastated but realistically, that is what is not going to happen the seeing of dead loved ones, but i see mine everyday and night in my mind and it always makes me sad but also makes me smile when I remember all the time we had together. They are always resurrected whenever you remember them, they just like you will pass from memory after all the eons have passed.

  • AGuest

    While I do not subscribe to the WTBTS' teachings on the matter, dear HD (peace to you!), I have not lost my hope. My parents have been dead 34 and 23 years, respectively, so it's been some time. I do realize that I may never see them again... and I can handle that. But I haven't given up HOPE that I will. It's not because it's a mean of comfort or anything like that - it's based on the knowledge I have that we are so much more than our fleshly bodies (the vessel that "holds" our individual essence and consciousness - our spirit). SO much more. I KNOW I am... because of what I've heard and seen... and because of THAT... I have no problem maintaining my hope.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Twitch

    Everything that has a beginning has an end.

    Carpe diem

  • i_drank_the_wine

    My "dead loved ones" are the ones that introduced the JW scourge to my family and wasted 2+ decades of my life. That being considered, combined with the fact that we're all headed to the same place, I don't give them a moment's consideration.

  • zoiks

    I am guilty of not putting in enough effort to spend time with some of my aging and sick loved ones before they died. I thought that I would simply catch up with them in the new system.

    I regret this deeply.

    I won't make the same mistake again.

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