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  • Violia

    They would accept the money . They accept help from DF or Da relatives such as their children b/c they have a duty. I recently helped a relative b/c they needed it and they just saw it as Jehovah's blessing and provision.

    Face it, they speak with forked tongue and are about as two face as it gets, but a lot of religion is that way.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I was never strong in trust law. The WT is more of a religious trust than a normal charitable trust. Animal shelters, Red Cross - the rule makes sense. They could argue (and I am certain it has already happened somewhere) that the First Amendment freedom of religion clause exempts them from regular trust rules. Would Jews have to accept a bequest of pork rinds from a Nazi benefactor?

    We all know the actual answer. What made Ray Franz' books so captivating that no one with such up close and personal information, coupled with being Freddie Franz' beloved nehew, the WT Prince of Wales, ever gave us a nonrageful, candid view of inside the very top. The tone of his book was remarkable. It was not vengeance, act out against my uncle time. I had stronger ties to Bethel than the average Witness. Family members confirmed so much. Without my mom, his veracity would not be as strong for me. Former Bethelite family members were subtly asked info. I only learned from the book. He was truthful.

    It is very sad to realize how a seemingly innocuos knock on the door can end up so controlling, fraudulent. They are so nice nice when you start. When I was a small child, my realtives just washed me in love of Jehovah to carry on our tradition. Reality is such a different story. Except for the active W.s who should not be here, everyone here acknowledges the same culture. This forum is amazing b/c I always thought I distorted things. Brooklyn had to be right. I could not see it or understand it but they had to right. And I sinned against the Holy Spirit.

  • Quendi

    Hi Everyone,

    All of you have raised valid objections to my example of the Michael Jackson donation. Yes, this was in the public eye so that would have made acceptance a PR nightmare. The UN deal, as we all know, was done behind the backs of the rank and file. That is how the WTS was able to get away with it for nearly ten years. And, ziddina, I don't know if Jackson's mother offered the donation. If she did, perhaps at the prompting of Michael himself, I'm sure the Society would have gladly taken it.

    All of this reminds me of a story about the building of the Colosseum in Rome. Emperor Vespasian was running short of cash for the project. He then hit upon the novel idea of making people pay to empty the public urinals in Rome, the world's first "pay toilets", as it were. He did so because the city's dry cleaners would collect the urine, distill ammonia from it, and then use that ammonia in their dry cleaning process. The emperor decided to makie the dry cleaners pay for the privilege.

    Well, this didn't sit too well his the emperor's son, Trajan, who told his father he should be ashamed to be taxing piss. In reply the emperor gave his son an evil smile, and then put one of the gold tax coins under his son's nose, telling him to sniff deeply. When Trajan did so, telling his father he could smell nothing and what was the point, the emperor replied, "Money has no odor. Did this money come from a man's pouch or his piss?" Trajan got the point. I have the feeling the WTS is just as unconcerned about the sources of its donations too.


  • MrFreeze

    What punkofnice said. I was gonna say the same thing.

  • sd-7

    They will accept whatever checks they can cash. If there's one thing that's a priority, it's money. I can't see them having any problem with it--and it's unlikely most JWs would ever learn of it anyhow. If they did, they'd just be either warned, given a b.s. explanation, or silenced as necessary.


  • leavingwt

    If they could find them, they'd accept Judas' thirty pieces of silver as a donation.

  • slimboyfat

    I have not a shadow of a doubt that they would take the money.

    Hey Gadget!

  • blondie

    I can only think that the WTS will gladly buy an old church and pay "Babylon the Great" as well as sell an old KH to BTG and take their money.

  • steve2

    Thanks for all the responses. Many were shockingly funny but probably closer to the truth than JWs would care to think (i.e., take the bequest provided it's not publicized). The more legally framed answers were informative.

    Does anyone remember a Kingdom Ministry that evidently considered a similar type of question some years ago? Better still, does anyone have areference for that KM?

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