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  • alanv

    In the UK I know there is something called a discretionary trust. If something is left to you in a will, providing you do it within two years you can change the will so that the money goes to someone else, even an organisation.

  • Scully

    They would take money from the Pope of Rome, the High Priestess of Ba'al, and the Witch of En'dor.

    They have no scruples in that regard. I guess demons don't attach themselves to the Almighty Dollar, just to stupid stuff like Smurf dolls.

  • Gadget

    If I remember right there was a question box in the kingdom ministry about something similar to this. I think it was after the new arrangment for offering liturature for a donation rather than a fixed charge, and said that before a donation could be accepted you had to consider the source of the money and stated what sources it would not be appropriate to accept from. However, I don't have the WTcd anymore to check if my memory is correct!

    That said, I think the main criteria they would use to decide whether to accept or not would be if anyone would ever find out about it..........

  • Gayle

    the JWs double talk, that once former/inactive/(not sure about DF'd ones) members die, they have paid the price of their sins and some graciously say it is now up to Jehovah, but that they may possibly be resurrected. I think the JWs would think since the person left a will/assets that they may have had some good heart or value for "the work." So the WTS Treasurer Dept would graciously (spit-spit) accept the money. The money would very temporarily "soften" their stone hearts.

  • ziddina
    "They would take money from ... the Witch of En'dor."


    Just spoke with my Wiccan High Priestess friend, and she said that no Wiccan in her/his right mind - or even on a LOT of drugs - would EVER leave money to those sanctimonious hypocrites!!!

    Zid the She-Devil she devil smiley - who has to specify, now that we've got another 'devil' on the board...

  • Quendi

    My understanding is that if they know the source of the money/funds is a disfellowshipped person, the WTS would not accept it. I know this goes contrary to what has been posted here, but I think I have a valid reason for my position. Some years ago, Michael Jackson made a large donation to the WTS. At that time he had been disfellowshipped for some years. His donation was returned on the ground that he was disfellowshipped and accepting the money was the same as willfully associating with a disfellowshipped person.

    True, Jackson was alive then. But I believe that seeing how the WTS looked at his status vis-a-vis the organization, it felt it had to set an example conisistent with its rulings. What if the person was now dead? Would that make a difference? I don't believe so. From the WTS perspective, that person is now rotting in Gehenna's basement and will never be resurrected but has been judged worthy of everlasting destruction. Any contribution to its coffers, however much that would be desired, would have to be declined.

    On the other hand, the WTS has gladly accepted donations from non-Witnesses and any organizations they might represent. Some years ago, Bill Gates' foundation made a large donation to the Society in recognition of its work combatting illiteracy in many third world countries. That money went directly into the coffers without any demur.


  • clarity

    Are you talking about the same watchtower people who joined the UN??

    They would take your hand off with it!!

  • clarity

    Ya but Quendi ..... that was in the PUBLIC eye!!

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    YES - This has been demonstrated here in the UK.

    See this link:



  • ziddina

    Quendi, are you sure that the money from Michael Jackson wasn't later offered to the Watchtower by his mother - which would then have made it quite convenient - er, "perfectly acceptable" - for them to take it??

    That would have been a convenient loophole for the Watchtower boys...

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